The Best Prepaid Debit Cards in the Philippines (2019)

best prepaid debit cards in the philippines

Can’t resist topping up game credits for Mobile Legends? Catching up the sale on Lazada or Shoppee and you want to make sure you pay what’s in your cart before the sale ends?

You probably won’t go out at midnight to a nearby 7-Eleven store to pay for game credits or shopping items.

Why not explore some of the best prepaid debit cards for your online and offline purchases?

Unlike credit cards, you don’t need to worry about your eligibility.

With debit cards, you don’t need to go through the process of filling out application forms at your local bank.

These days, you don’t even need to visit your local bank to get a prepaid debit card. You can get one from merchant affiliates and partners (and even via mobile phone).

Whether it’s for online shopping or gaming or that Netflix subscription, there’s a debit card that suits your needs.

Here’s a rundown of the best prepaid debit cards in the Philippines. Read what each one has to offer and weigh each one’s pros and cons.

Prepaid Debit Card Initial Deposit Cons & Restrictions
PayMaya Visa P200 Load & spend up to P50,000 per month if the account is not upgraded; Standard ATM withdrawal fee of P15may vary depending on the bank ATM. 
Amore Visa Prepaid payWave P200 No withdrawals via ATMs; 2% of total amount charge for POS transactions abroad; P99 annual fee starting 3rd year
GCash Mastercard P150 P20 withdrawal fee at any Globe Service centre and ATMs; P150 for withdrawals abroad
BPI e-Pay Mastercard P300 P20 ATM withdrawal fee; 2% of total amount charge for POS transactions abroad; P99 annual fee starting 3rd year
BDO Cash Card P150 Generalised card without name: P10,000 for maximum daily card balance; Personalised card: P25,000; P2 withdrawal fee via BDO ATMs, P11 for other ATMs, no over the counter withdrawal
YAZZ Visa Prepaid P300 P10,000 maximum load; P20 deduction from every loading transaction; 

The good thing about prepaid debit cards is that you don’t have to worry about your maintaining balance.

You can better manage your expenses, too. Some of these cards have a daily or monthly cap for the amount you can top up.

You only pay for the card itself, and you can load as low as P50 to P100 to activate the card.

Keep in mind that there will be fees if you use these cards and withdraw cash.

If you link them to your PayPal account, there’s a small fee that will be deducted as well. It’s refundable, though, and the amount will be credited back to your account once you have successfully linked or activated the card.

For cash-ins or reloading, the top-up amount ranges from P100 to P500.

PayMaya Visa

You can get a PayMaya account for free when you download the app via the iOS App Store or Google Play.

It’s a virtual prepaid debit card that allows you to pay merchant partners and affiliates seamlessly via QR codes.

You can shop at online stores, pay bills, book flights or movie tickets, and more.

It gets better when you get a physical Visa prepaid debit card. It has payWave features that you can use at any store that accepts Visa both here and abroad.

The physical payWave card costs P200, and you can get bundles of 3 (P545) or 5 (P850) for your friends and family.

Key features of PayMaya Visa prepaid debit card:

  • EMV chip-enabled for added security
  • Regardless of your mobile network, you can use it as a virtual prepaid debit card
  • Shop for clothes, shoes, and buy game credits online
  • Book flights and hotels and use it as a debit card around the world
  • Easily top-up or reload at any of 15,000 partners like 7-Eleven stores, Smart Padala centres, SM and Robinsons Business centres, Western Union, and more
  • Pay bills via the mobile app and enjoy perks and discounts
  • Send money to friends and family who have PayMaya accounts (avail of the free upgrade that requires a verification process

For more details, read PayMaya FAQs

Amore Visa Prepaid payWave

Love shopping and watching movies? Love hanging out in Ayala Malls for dinner dates and buffets?

This card is more than a reloadable prepaid debit card. It’s your access to mall perks and privileges at Ayala Malls.

You also earn points when you use the card and get to enjoy AmoRewards.

Enjoy unlimited access to Ayala Malls’ customer lounges, and get discounts on movie tickets at their cinemas.

There’s no maintaining balance for this card. Visa-affiliated merchants and stores will also accept this card.

But of course, you need to top up before you pay for your purchases.

Key features of Amore Visa prepaid debit card:

  • Earn points where merchants and stores accept Visa and exchange them for AmoRewards
  • Load up to P100,000 via BPI electronic channels
  • Load up to P50,000 OTC at any BPI branch
  • Add P50 to get beep™ and use it for your MRT and LRT rides, and toll gate fees
  • Use the card here and abroad as long as they accept Visa cards.

For more details, read Amore Visa FAQs

GCash Mastercard

GCash QR codes offer seamless payments when you pay bills at your local restaurant, coffee shop, or retail store.

GCash transforms how you pay bills online and provides stress-free shopping as well.

Shopping websites also offer promo codes and discounts when you use GCash to pay for your items.

You can also get your very own GCash Mastercard, a physical card that you can use to pay at offline stores and Mastercard-affiliated establishments. You can order the card via Gcash app for just P150.

This is only available and exclusive to Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Key features of GCash Mastercard:

  • Use the card here and abroad as long as they accept Mastercard debit cards.
  • Easily cash out your GCash balance to any BancNet/Mastercard ATMs
  • Cash in/out money via the Gcash mobile app

For more details, read GCash Mastercard FAQs

BPI e-Pay Mastercard

Secure a prepaid debit card at any BPI bank without opening a bank account.
With e-Pay Mastercard, you can have a reloadable prepaid debit card very easily.

Experience cashless payments on the go, whether you’re here or abroad. Make sure the merchants accept Mastercard debit cards, though. There’s no maintaining balance, and you can use the card for both your online and offline shopping.

Key features of e-Pay Mastercard:

  • Works like a debit Mastercard that you can use for shopping, dining, and travelling here or abroad
  • Withdraw cash at any BPI ATMs
  • Tap and go at terminals that have Mastercard PayPass feature
  • Load up to P100,000 via BPI electronic channels
  • Load up to P50,000 via OTC at any BPI branch

For more details, read BPI e-Pay Mastercard

BDO Cash Card Mastercard

Here’s another prepaid debit card that doesn’t require you to open a bank account at BDO.

The Cash Card Mastercard works like a debit card and has the same features of a savings account.

It’s reloadable, and you can use it to pay bills, shop online, withdraw money, and make POS purchases.

If you don’t like carrying cash, a BDO Cash Card or an e-Pay Mastercard will work for you.

You can get a generalised card or a personalised one with your name on it. There’s also a corporate embossed card for companies and organisations.

Key features of the BDO Cash Card prepaid debit card:

  • Safe and secure with PIN protection
  • Works with Globe for mobile banking
  • The account can be used to receive remittances

For more details, check BDO Cash Card FAQs

YAZZ Visa Prepaid

Metrobank’s YAZZ Visa prepaid is a reloadable card that’s accepted at Visa-affiliated stores.

Like most of the above-mentioned prepaid debit cards, you can use this card to pay your bills and book flights and accommodations. Shop online or offline and buy game credits, too.

You can get the card at YAZZ distribution channels like Family Mart, National Book Store, Robinsons Department Store, The SM Store, SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, and more.

Key features of YAZZ Visa Prepaid:

  • Use it at any of the 40 million VISA-affiliated merchants and stores here and abroad
  • Withdraw funds via BancNet and VISA ATMs (with fees)
  • Use it for your online purchases and subscriptions such as iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, and more
  • Get a debit card and savings account without having to open a bank account.

For more details, check YAZZ VISA Prepaid FAQs

Which among these cards will help you manage your expenses? Do you think a debit card is right for you, or do you plan to apply for a credit card instead?