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unodigital bank review
UNO Digital Bank: Check and Compare Savings, Time Deposits, and Loan Offers (Honest Review)
If you’re a regular GCash user, you probably have seen UNO Digital Bank ads on your screen prompting you ...
13 April 2024
risk tolerance in investing
What Is Your Risk Tolerance As an Investor: Low, Moderate, or Aggressive?
Have you ever thought about the financial risk you’re comfortable with? Well, it’s a big deal if you’re ...
2 April 2024
Everything You Need to Know About Maya Bank in 2024
Everything You Need to Know About Maya Bank in 2024
Have you been looking for a moneysmart way to earn high-interest rates with savings accounts?  Putting ...
1 April 2024
10 Digital Banks in the Philippines That Let You Open a Savings Account in 2024
Thanks to digital banks like CIMB Bank, SeaBank, GoTyme Bank, and Maya Bank (formerly PayMaya), opening ...
18 March 2024
best passive income investments in the philippines
7 Best Passive Income Ideas to Explore in 2024
Make money work for you. This is typical financial advice from veteran investors, but it’s easier said ...
17 February 2024
teaching kids about saving money
7 Expert-Backed Tips on Teaching Kids About Saving Money
Discussing finances with young individuals isn’t always an enjoyable subject. However, acknowledging the ...
5 February 2024
best investment and personal finance books to read
Top 15 Best Investment and Personal Finance Books Every Filipino Should Read in 2024
As a voracious reader, I believe that reading books about investments, personal finance, and real estate ...
3 February 2024
Image of a woman reviewing her finances
Forget About New Year’s Resolutions: Personal Finance Habits You Should Do Now
The concept of new beginnings is exciting for many people, fostering a sense of enthusiasm to embark on ...
17 January 2024
how to make your finances inflation-proof
How to Make Your Finances Inflation-Proof in the Philippines
Inflation is an unavoidable presence in any economy. Like a persistent fly, it can multiply despite efforts ...
16 January 2024
PERA retirement voluntary program
What Is PERA Voluntary Retirement Program: How to Get Started?
Retirement might be the least you have in mind in your 20s and 30s. But if there’s one thing you can do ...
3 January 2024
how to spend your 13th month pay wisely in the philippines
How to Spend Your 13th Month Pay Wisely
Looking forward to your annual 13th-month pay or bonus? Wondering how to spend it this year? Whether it’s ...
20 December 2023
Image of a woman scammed from a mobile app
7 Online Scams in the Philippines to Watch Out for in 2024 and Beyond
Access to the Internet is a privilege, yet it’s also a responsibility as online scammers are elevating ...
30 November 2023
How to make money on Airbnb in the philippines
How to Make Money on Airbnb in the Philippines (And Is It Profitable?)
I can imagine your eyebrows are raised while reading the title of this article. Perhaps, you’re already ...
28 November 2023
Ways to Grow Your Baby's Savings: Image of an expecting family
5 Ways to Grow Your Baby’s Savings Aside from Putting Them in a Piggy Bank
Welcoming a baby brings immense joy and responsibility. As parents, planning for their future — from medical ...
9 November 2023
gotyme bank review
GoTyme Bank Philippines Peso Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2023
Saving money requires discipline to achieve your goals. You may be surprised by an unexpected expense or ...
5 November 2023
GCash eWallet Review: What’s New in 2023?
GCash eWallet Review: What’s New in 2023?
Speed and convenience are the favorite words of digitally savvy consumers who love using e-wallets. Whether ...
3 November 2023
investment brokerage in the philippines
How to Decide Which Investment Brokerage in the Philippines Is Best For You
Are you ready to take control of your financial future? Investing in the stock market is a great way to ...
29 September 2023
best debit cards in the philippines
The Best Debit Cards in the Philippines: Compare Features, Fees, and Perks
Shopee, Spotify, and Netflix are shaping how we pay for services, as you can do it online with GCash, Maya, ...
25 September 2023
money saving tips before the baby arrives in the philippines
5 Money Saving Tips Before the Baby Arrives: Are You Financially Ready?
Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy. With all the excitement and anticipation, we hope you have ...
9 September 2023
10 best savings accounts with life insurance in the Philippines
10 Best Savings Accounts with Free Life Insurance in the Philippines – MoneySmart Review 2023
Saving money requires self-control, focus, and commitment. Whether you’re a student, young professional, ...
7 June 2023
Earned Income vs Passive Income: The Power of Diversification
Building wealth and ensuring financial security for the future is everyone’s wish list. If money grows ...
19 April 2023
how to beat impulse buying save now enjoy later
How to Beat Impulse Buying: Save Now, Enjoy Later
It’s hard to resist the seductive lures of impulse buying. Scrolling through online shops and landing on ...
3 April 2023
money saving tips for first-time moms
10 Money-Saving Tips for First-Time Moms
Are you looking for ways to balance your budget now that you have a baby? Navigating the financial aspects ...
1 March 2023
why is insurance important today
8 Reasons Why Insurance Is Important Today
No one likes to think about it, but insurance should be a priority. It’s not just about protecting your ...
18 February 2023
how to save money
8 Clever Ways on How to Save Money for Millennials
Millennials are often stereotyped as members of a “spend now, worry later” generation. Although they have ...
6 February 2023