10 Philippine Investment Blogs, Websites & Resources to Follow

10 Philippine Investment Blogs, Websites & Resources to Follow

When it comes to money and investments, we’d take all the help and information that we can get to help us save or grow our money.

Which is why we’re giving you this list of financial blogs and websites to help you become better and wiser with your money.

If you want to become more financially knowledgeable and get advice straight from the experts, here are a few sites that you can visit.


Image screenshot from marvingermo.com

The man behind this blog is a CEO, financial consultant, keynote speaker, stock trader and investor, and bestselling author.

You can find easy to understand money saving and investing tips on his website, as well as posts dedicated to setting financial goals and getting rich on your own.

If you want to learn more about insurance products, real estate, trading, and even banking and stock market news and trends, his site is filled with helpful resources.

There are videos that will educate you about getting out of debt as well.

You can easily get ahead with personal finance matters because content on this blog gives readers a clear breakdown of complicated financial concepts.


Image screenshot from randelltiongson.com

The author of this blog has 30 years of experience in financial planning, banking, insurance, and mutual funds.

He is a respected personal finance coach and advocate who regularly conducts trainings, lectures, and speaking engagements about all things finance for Filipinos living here and abroad.

Check out his blog if you need advice about financial planning, how to make active and passive income, how to plan for your retirement, how to achieve your financial goals, or the ins and outs of the stock market. Maybe even a thing or two about the future of money.

Ready to Be Rich

Image screenshot from fritzvillafuerte.com

The author behind this blog is a registered financial planner, and the goal of his blog is to help Filipinos achieve financial freedom.

You can also find helpful posts about business, investments, and personal finance.

If you’ve always wanted to learn about investing in the stock market, or starting a business, or even how to be a successful freelancer, you will find plenty of posts that talk about these things.

You can also get helpful money saving tips and business development strategies, good habits that lead to success, and advice on personal finance for every Filipino.


Image screenshot from chinkeetan.com

Chinkee Tan is a wealth coach, mentor, speaker, TV, radio, and social media personality, and bestselling author.

His website is dedicated to empowering Filipinos to become successful entrepreneurs.

He is passionate about teaching Filipinos how to become financially free, as well as helping them find and provide opportunities to earn.

Visit his website if you want to read engaging content about savings, getting out of debt, spending responsibly, making money, prospecting and selling, and many other topics about money.

My Finance MD

Image screenshot from myfinancemd.com

My Finance MD is a good resource for insurance, financial planning, retirement, estate planning, and money management topics.

The author behind the blog is a certified investment solicitor and registered financial consultant, as well as a board certified medical physician.

Which is why you can also find informative content about things that can seriously affect your finances, like critical illness.

My Finance MD believes in being financially prepared when the unexpected or inevitable happens. You can regularly read posts here that will inspire you to do a regular financial health check.

It’s also a good resource for Filipinos who want to know more about how government agencies like SSS / GSIS, Pag-IBIG Fund, and Philhealth work and how they can maximize their contributions and benefits.


Image screenshot from savingspinay.com

The Filipina behind this blog is a financial advocate who runs her own wedding and events business.

She aims to help more Filipinos become more financially knowledgeable and successful with her candid but informative blog posts.

You will find a variety of content ranging from managing and growing your money, budgeting and saving tips, investment advice, to having good financial habits.

These days, she’s mostly churning out posts about investing in the Philippines, earning extra income, and retiring young.

There’s a Resource Library on this blog which you can download freebies from, like financial workbooks, budget rule templates, money manifestos, and desktop calendars. All you need to do is sign up to receive the SavingsPinay newsletter.

Smart Pinoy Investor

Image screenshot from smartpinoyinvestor.com

The author of Smart Pinoy Investor put up this blog to share his experiences and knowledge about money and the best way to invest it.

He has conducted countless seminars and have been invited to speak at universities, companies, and industry events.

You’ll find tutorials on how to place orders in the stock market, how to choose which stocks to buy or sell, how to invest in mutual funds and UITF, and many others.

There are also resources which you can download, like ebooks and newsletters.

If you’re a beginner at investing in the stock market, you can find a section in the blog that’s dedicated to guiding readers in the world of the Philippine stock market.


Image screenshot from Investagrams.com

Investagrams offers how-to’s and advice about the stock market, as well as news and features about the latest in the financial and investment world.

There are educational videos on the basics of the stock market, as well as tips on finding the best investments and knowing the factors that affect your stock portfolio.

To access the site, you need to register for an account and activate your profile.

You can do this by following at least 5 people so you can start commenting and liking on the social feed.

There’s a section called Investalearn where you can join classes that tackle personal finance, as well as modules on the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks.

This site also allows you to have a feel of how investing in the real stock market works with Investalearn’s Virtual Trading feature.

Pesos and Sense

Image screenshot from pesosandsense.com

When you start talking about the stock market, insurance, mutual funds, or debt management, the average Filipino usually think it’s too complicated or intimidating.

Pesos and Sense aims to educate Filipinos with its wide range of posts regarding investment and personal finance.

The author of this blog has over 25 years of experience in finance and investments.

On this blog, you can watch free informative videos to help you know more about how the stock market works.

There are also videos that focus on what you need to learn about mutual funds, insurance, and VULs.

Furthermore, you can access resources that will help you save more and budget better.

If you want to learn about real estate, bonds, estate planning, and investments in general, you can find what you need in this blog.

You can also take online seminars about making your money grow, or how to pick winning stocks.  Simply click on the link and pay the seminar fee.

Some posts are written in English and some are written in Tagalog, ensuring that Filipino readers will be more engaged in the oftentimes dull topic of investments and personal finance.


Image from Philpad.com’s official Facebook page

Apart from trending topics and news features, this blog produces content about hot financial topics, like stocks, mutual funds, and UITF.

You can also find posts about career, travel, personal finance, business, fintech, and real estate.

The team behind PhilPad.com is composed of a published book author, a Conde Nast editor, and a UK hedge fund financial advisor.

On PhilPad, you can find useful information about a variety of things that are relevant and helpful to Filipinos.

Are you a follower of these blogs? Do you know a blog or website that we failed to include in the list? Let us know in the comments!