PSBank Debit Mastercard Review – 5 Facts About This Card

PSBank Debit Mastercard Review – 5 Facts About This Card

With this PSBank Debit Mastercard review, you will learn about all the things that make this card such a must-have.

Whether you’re looking for a debit card that you can use at stores or on shopping websites, this one will not disappoint!

1. It’s a convenient way to pay.

You don’t need to queue up at the nearest ATM to get cash. You don’t need to carry a lot of cash in your wallet, either. This debit card can be swiped at any POS terminal in stores where Mastercard is accepted.

2. Because it’s powered by Mastercard, you can use it at any establishment where Mastercard is accepted.

In case you didn’t know this yet, the PSBank Debit Mastercard is accepted in over 43.3 million Mastercard-affiliated establishments here and in other parts of the world.

You will have no problem paying with it because of its very high merchant acceptance worldwide.

3. When you do run out of cash, you can use it as an ATM card.

You can get cash at any PSBank ATM. If there is none in your current location, you can head on over to any Bancnet ATM in the Philippines or any Mastercard / Maestro/ Cirrus ATM in different parts of the world.

If you want to keep using your card for all your transactions, make sure to keep it funded. Transactions will be declined if funds are insufficient.

4. You can use it for online shopping.

Shopaholics, rejoice! With your PSBank Debit Mastercard, you can shop online and pay for your items with no hassle, 24/7.

Shop at over 35,000 online merchants – including Lazada, Zalora, or Shopee. You can also use it to pay for your items in different online stores, like National Bookstore, Sephora, or Fully Booked, just to name a few.

If you own an iPhone or an Android device, you can link your PSBank Debit Mastercard to your iTunes or Google Play Store so that you can purchase paid apps or pay for premium subscriptions.

Do you love to read the latest bestsellers or the newest releases? You can purchase books and e-books on Amazon or Kobo with this debit card. Or do you prefer audiobooks to actual books? You can pay for them on Audible with your debit card as well.

Can’t focus on your tasks of the day without a steady stream of music? Pay for your Apple Music or Spotify subscription with your PSBank Debit Mastercard.

You can also book your movie tickets online so that you don’t need to queue up at the cinema.

Pay for your airline tickets and all your Grab rides with it, too!

5. It’s safe and secure.

The PSBank Debit Mastercard is EMV-chip enabled. This means that all transactions made on this card are authenticated and verified to protect your data from fraudsters and only allow legitimate transactions.

If you have any questions about your card, a specific transaction, or anything related to your card, there’s a dedicated customer service line that you can call in the Philippines and abroad.

There’s a LiveChat feature on the bank’s official website where you can just chat with a customer service officer regarding your debit card or your account. Perfect if you just have a quick question and don’t want to stay on the line for too long.

Also, if your card gets stolen or you lose it somewhere, you are protected against any unauthorized transaction from the moment you notify the bank or Mastercard’s customer service if you happen to be overseas.

Other Features of PSBank Debit Mastercard:

It works just like an ATM card that you can withdraw cash from. You can check your available balance, transfer funds, and pay your bills.

If you want to monitor your transactions, there’s a feature available that allows you to view your account statement and the five latest transactions. This is quite helpful, especially if you want to stay within your budget.

You can have your own PSBank Debit Mastercard in just a few minutes when you visit the nearest PSBank branch and submit your application. Note, you will need to open an ATM savings account, a savings account with passbook and ATM, an OFW savings account, or a checking account in order for you to link it to your debit card.

To apply for your own PSBank Debit Mastercard, you need to fill out the following:

  • Customer Information Sheet (CIS) for Individual Clients
  • Signature Card
  • Signing Instructions and Acknowledgement of Receipt

Present 1 primary ID or 2 valid secondary IDs, but one must bear your photo and your signature. For those between 7 and 17 years old, a quit claim or waiver must be signed by the parent or guardian. Valid IDs must also be presented.

The daily transaction limits for this debit card are:

  • ATM Withdrawal: 30,000 PHP
  • Point-of-Sale (POS): 25,000 PHP
  • POS Tap transaction without PIN or signature: 1,000 PHP
  • Online / Internet Purchase Limit: 25,000 PHP

The limits can be increased or decreased at any PSBank branch or by calling the customer service line.

If you want to fund your PSBank Debit Mastercard, there’s no deposit limit and no deposit fees. And unlike the PSBank Prepaid Mastercard, the PSBank Debit Mastercard is linked to an interest-bearing account. And it’s ensured up to 500,000 PHP by the PDIC.

You can easily manage your account when you log in online and in the official PSBank mobile banking app.

Are you ready to get your very own PSBank Debit Mastercard? What’s the feature that you liked most about it?