Articles by Stefano Perera

Stefano Perera has several years working in startups across Asia and Europe. As an expert in his field, he has turned his attention to writing and thought-leadership in business.

5 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer to Work in Startups
Don’t underestimate the numbers, people – millennials are the biggest human demographic on the earth. There’s a lot of information out there regarding the common traits associated
29 April 2019
Side Job
Five Great Business Ideas for Full-time Employees
Who says you can’t work a full-time job and earn a little money on the side? Lots of people run a small side business to get a
28 April 2019
7 Business Mistakes You Never Want To Make
A journey from rags-to-riches is not always easy. Like a roller-coaster, running a business has its ups and downs. If you’re a business-owner, it
25 April 2019
Do You Really Need Travel Insurance During a Vacation?
So you’re ready for your vacation. You’ve got your ticket in your hand. Oh, but wait. Do you have travel insurance? Not a lot of travellers
25 April 2019
Credit Card
The Credit Card Substitutes Millennials Can Get Today
A lot of millennials today want everything to be fast and efficient. There’s no time to waste. Whether it’s buying a cute dress, or ordering their favorite pizza.
21 April 2019
how to open a bank account
How To Open A Bank Account In The Philippines As a Student
While traditional piggy banks might be cute, having a savings account as a student is still one of the best ways to keep your money safe. Here’s how
14 April 2019
4 Criteria For Long-Term Business Success
Unfortunately, not every entrepreneur makes all the right moves for their business. Big profit in the beginning does not always indicate long-term success. Let’s get smart. What
18 April 2010