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Stefano Perera has several years working in startups across Asia and Europe. As an expert in his field, he has turned his attention to writing and thought-leadership in business.

great business ideas and side hustles in the philippines
Side Job
7 Great Business Ideas and Side Hustles for Full-time Employees
Are you looking to supplement your income while keeping a full-time job? If so, you’re far from alone. Whether you’d like to have a side hustle in your spare time or simply have some extra funds in case of an emergency, we have great news: a handful of options available for employees wanting to make…
20 September 2023
10 Business Mistakes You Never Want To Make
10 Business Mistakes You Never Want To Make
A journey from rags to riches can become a reality through hard work. But it’s not always easy. Like a roller coaster ride, when you put up a business, it has its ups and downs. For aspiring entrepreneurs or established business owners, the goal is to keep the same principle: learn from your mistakes and…
30 June 2023
5 Criteria For Long-Term Business Success
5 Criteria For Long-Term Business Success
Do you want to succeed in business? Being a successful entrepreneur takes more than just having an idea. Certain criteria have been proven time and time again for businesses that achieve long-term success. Knowing what these criteria are can give you an edge when it comes to starting and running your own company. Let’s get…
16 December 2022
credit card substitutes for millennials
Credit Card
The Credit Card Substitutes Millennials Can Get Today
Many millennials today prefer speed and efficient processes. Whether it’s buying a cute dress or ordering their favorite pizza. Items should be delivered and paid instantly. No wonder brands are also offering next-day delivery in their online stores. Credit cards are handy when you want speed. Whenever you shop online or at a retail store,…
3 November 2022
5 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer to Work in Startups
5 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer to Work in Startups
Don’t underestimate the numbers, people – millennials are the biggest human demographic on the earth. There’s a lot of information out there regarding the common traits associated with millennials, but we wanted to take a look at one in particular –  how they work. As research states, one of the main millennial characteristics is that…
29 April 2019
Do You Really Need Travel Insurance During a Vacation?
Do You Really Need Travel Insurance During a Vacation?
So you’re ready for your vacation. You’ve got your ticket in your hand. Oh, but wait. Do you have travel insurance? Not a lot of travellers put insurance on their holiday lists. A lot of us get insurance just to fulfil visa obligations – for example on a vacation to Europe or when visiting countries…
25 April 2019
how to open a bank account
How To Open A Bank Account In The Philippines As a Student
While traditional piggy banks might be cute, having a savings account as a student is still one of the best ways to keep your money safe. Here’s how to open a bank account. Students who are away from their families will also find it more convenient to receive their monthly allowance through bank transfer. This…
14 April 2019