8 Best Online Shopping Portals In The Philippines 2019

8 Best Online Shopping Portals In The Philippines 2019

Shopping has come a long way. There’s no denying the immense popularity of online shopping in the Philippines. The main reasons why Filipinos opt for online shopping is that it’s convenient, easy, and accessible. There’s no need to go out and face the chaotic traffic.

On the contrary, Filipinos in the past used to go to shopping malls and centers to buy what they need. Today, online shops can even deliver literally everything, even grocery items. Plus, with a smartphone in hand all of your wants and needs are literally at your fingertips. Here’s a rundown of the online shopping sites in the country.

1. Lazada

best online shopping portalsLazada is one of the pioneers in introducing online shopping in the Philippines. Originally based in Singapore, it has expanded in Southeast Asia. Rocket Internet founded Lazada in 2012, which is owned by Alibaba Group. Now, Lazada operates in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

The website has many shops that cater to all your needs. Plus, it has famous brands selling products online. It’s important, however, to read customer reviews and to ensure that you get what you paid for.

Lazada became very popular among shoppers because of its various sales, promos, freebies, and deals. It has many sale periods throughout the year, such as Flash Sales, Christmas Sales, Black Friday Sales, Anniversary Sales, and lots of vouchers for free shipping and other discounts.

Top tip to get the best deal: Get coupon and voucher codes and make sure to stay tuned for flash sales and other sale periods. Plus, it’s better to purchase from one seller, so you won’t spend much on shipping fees.

What to find: Everything! It’s a huge marketplace for all your needs – food, baby products, appliances, furniture, laptops, computers, camera, mobiles, digital accessories, fashion, bags, shoes, kitchen items, cooking needs, grocery items, and outdoor gear, to name a few.

Payment methods: Cash on delivery, credit card, debit cards, BDO installment, helloPay, PayPal, and MegaLink.

Shop Link: https://www.lazada.com.ph/

2. Shopee

best online shopping portals

Shopee has gained immense popularity lately because of its LSS-inducing TV advertisement jingle. But more than that, it’s now dubbed as one of the top e-commerce shops for mobile phone users in Southeast Asia. It’s a shop that offers a broad selection of items – ranging from appliances, fashion items, accessories, shoes, gadgets, and outdoor gear, to name a few. But, many products in Shopee are way cheaper than in Lazada.

Top tip to get the best deal: There are many coupons and discounts for valued customers, just look for valid codes and you’re set to go!

What to find: Everything! It’s all here!

Payment methods: Cash on delivery, Shopee wallet, Globe Gcash App, credit/debit cards, online banking (BPI, Metrobank, Landbank, and RCBC), ATM bank transfer, Over-the-counter payments, and bills payments or remittance centers.

Shop Link: https://shopee.ph/

3. Zalora

best online shopping portals

For those who always want to be in vogue, Zalora is the definite online shopping portal for you. It has loads of products ranging from shoes, accessories, tops, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, bags, and even luxury items – you name it, they have it.

As a little bonus, Zalora applies a personal touch to each and every online order. It uses its own packaging for shipments and as a result places a tamper sticker with your name on it. It’s like receiving a gift from you to you.

Top tip to get the best deal: Just like Lazada and Shopee, Zalora offers lots of discounts as long as you have the code. For instance, all BPI credit card holders get a 12% off from a purchase, as long as they used the code ZBPI12.

What to find: Everything fashionable – bags, shoes, slip-on, pants, dresses, skirts, tops, accessories, lingerie, and even luxury items.

Payment methods: Cash on delivery, E-gift card, Paypal, Gcash, credit and debit cards.

Shop Link: https://www.zalora.com.ph

4. OLX

best online shopping portalsOne of the oldest online shopping portals in the Philippines, OLX has been a go-to when you’re looking for items you want to purchase, especially cars and car parts since 2006. Even before the emergence of Facebook Marketplace where many people post their automobiles for sale, OLX has offered this service for car enthusiasts. Aside from cars and motorcycles, the site also features other items like preloved clothes, furniture, condominiums, house and lots, accessories, rentals, and gadgets.

Top tip to get the best deal: Talk with the seller, and from there, you two can negotiate on discounts and freebies.

What to find: Cars, car accessories, car parts, motorcycles, properties, house and lots, rentals, clothes, furniture, and gadgets to name a few.

Payment methods: PayPal, credit card, ATM/debit card, DragonPay, over-the-counter payment options such as BDO, 7-eleven, LBC, and Cebuana Lhuillier.

Shop Link: https://www.olx.ph

5. eBay Philippinesbest online shopping portals

The Philippine local site of eBay, one of the top and leading e-commerce sites in the United States, was established for C2C or customer-to-customer sales.

Just like Lazada and Shopee, eBay Philippines offers several products, including clothes, fashion items, consumer electronics, health and beauty products, cameras, toys, accessories, and even jewelry.

Top tip to get the best deal: Each month, there are voucher codes that can be used for promos and discounts. You can search for these codes online.

What to find: Clothes, fashion trends, shoes, consumer electronics, mobile phones, toys, jewelry, and accessories.

Payment methods: PayPal, credit card/debit card, payment upon pickup

Shop Link: https://www.ebay.ph

6. Metrodealbest online shopping portals

In the past, Metrodeal just offered discount coupons and vouchers, but as demand increased, the website has started offering various products like gadgets and accessories. Its bestsellers are still of course deals and coupons for hotel accommodations, travels, shopping, health and beauty, and leisure activities.

As an example, you can get spa coupons for as much as 50% off, or hotel accommodations in popular destinations at half the price. International travel promos are also included.

Top tip to get the best deal:  To get the best deals, visit the website every now and then to see for new promos and discounts. Before heading to a restaurant, you can check if Metrodeal offers a discount voucher for that specific restaurant.

What to find: Voucher codes, discounts, and promos for hotel accommodations, restaurants, buffets, travel deals, and spa schedules, among others.

Payment methods: PayPal, credit card/debit card, payment upon pickup

Shop Link: https://www.ebay.ph

7. Galleon PH

best online shopping portals

Originating in Manila, Galleon PH is a product of the minds of two young Filipino entrepreneurs. The online shop offers something that its competitors does not offer – they sell items that are not usually found in the Philippines.

If you want something that you don’t seem to find anywhere in your area, try Galleon PH, it usually has anything under the sun, especially if the item is limited edition or is just available overseas.

Top tip to get the best deal: Just like other shopping portals, Galleon PH offers many voucher codes for special discounts. Just search for the codes online and apply them when checking out your item.

What to find: Items not usually found in the Philippines from hard-to-find international brands.

Payment methods: Direct deposit via BDO, PayPal, Credit or debit card, Cash upon pickup, Cash on delivery and DragonPay

Shop Link: https://www.galleon.ph

8. Carousell

Carousell, is another C2C marketplace that lets you buy and sell brand new and secondhand goods. It’s incredibly easy to use – for sellers, you just need to snap or take a photo and for buyers, you simply chat to the seller to score a deal. Launched in 2012, the website has now over 171 million listings, making it one of the fastest growing online shop in Southeast Asia.

Top tip to get the best deal: Coupons and vouchers are always available online for discounts and promos! Also, it’s sometimes better to buy slightly used items, they’re cheaper with the same quality as brand new items.

What to find: Preloved everything – clothes, pants, shoes, appliances, gadgets, and accessories, to name a few.

Payment methods:

Shop Link: https://www.carousell.ph/

There you go, that’s a rundown of the best online shopping portals in the Philippines. Shopping has never been this easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.