CLiQQ eWallet MoneySmart Review 2020


Electronic wallets are a must in this new normal. They allow us to manage our bills payments, money transfers, and other cashless transactions on the go. Thankfully, GCash, PayMaya, and Coins.PH help us settle payments without queues and branch visits.

Alternatively, there’s an app called CLiQQ that you may want to explore. It’s useful if there’s a 7-Eleven store near you, and if you are a loyal 7-Eleven customer.

In this article, you’ll know more about its features and the pros and cons of using it.

What is CLiQQ e-wallet?

CLIQQ is 7-Eleven’s mobile app that allows users to manage rewards points, pay bills, and access Wi-Fi.
You earn rewards points (1 point = P25 purchase) whenever you buy at any 7-Eleven store nationwide. Just show your account’s barcode to the cashier for scanning. Accumulated points can be used to redeem merchandise items from the Rewards catalog (more on this later).

CLiQQ useful for bills payment. Simply click your favorite biller and the app will generate a unique barcode. Show that code to the cashier and pay the bill at once.

It also serves as a mobile wallet where you can send or request money from other CLiQQ users.

And if you need an internet connection, the wallet lets you connect to any available CLiQQ WiFi zone.

How do you sign up for a CLiQQ account?

Signing for an account is super easy. Download the app from the Google Playstore or Apple Store and sign up for CLiQQ Rewards using your Facebook account or mobile number.

After that, update your account information. Tap the profile icon on the upper-left corner and fill out the form with your personal information.

The CLiQQ loyalty program only allows you to register two accounts per individual. Once done, set up your wallet with a PIN to secure your funds and points.

How do you cash-in with a CLiQQ wallet?

With your CLiQQ wallet, you can deposit up to P10,000 and transact at any 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

To top up your wallet, click the Load Wallet to generate a barcode. Show that code to the cashier for a quick scan and then just pay the amount.

You may also request funds from other users by clicking the Request Money and enter their mobile number and amount.

Note: You can only use your CLiQQ wallet’s funds to pay for goods at any 7-Eleven store. You can’t use them to settle your bills or top-up other cards.

How do you withdraw cash from your CliQQ wallet?

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw cash from your wallet. CLiQQ’s features revolve around managing rewards points, generating barcodes for bills payments, and other cashless transactions.

What are the features of CLiQQ wallet?

CLiQQ wallet has three major features — rewards points, digital wallets, and Wi-Fi access.

Show your unique barcode to the cashier to earn points whenever you buy goods. Keep in mind that you don’t earn points whenever you pay bills or top-up other e-wallets like GCash, PayMaya, and Lazada.

Redeem your points for rewards through the “Rewards Balance”. Tap Rewards Catalog and choose from any of the beverages, snacks, and toiletries. For example, Oreo Salted Caramel Cookies requires 104 points, while Cadbury Dairy Milk requires 110 points.

If you like to get a Rewards physical card, you can pay P10 that contains the card number. You may also present this card to the cashier instead of your mobile wallet barcode to earn points.

For bills payment and e-wallet top-ups, generate a unique barcode in the app and show that to the cashier and pay the amount due.
For example, to pay your postpaid bill, click Pay Bills > Telco > Globe Postpaid. Then fill out the account number, subscriber’s name, and total amount. Once you tap Confirm, the app will generate a unique barcode for that transaction. Present that to the cashier and pay the amount due. You have 24-48 hours to complete that transaction at any 7-Eleven store.

Another useful feature of this app is how it allows you to connect to any CLiQQ WiFi zone, usually at 7-Eleven stores. All users have 70mb free data, but you can top-up your WiFi credits for succeeding megabytes. One (1) reward point is equal to 20 MB.

Lastly, with the CLiQQ wallet, you can send money via Pera Padala. Go through the verification process to unlock this feature.

Once you’re finished, you can generate a barcode and show that to the cashier. Instead of queuing at Pera Padala outlets, you can drop by at any 7-Eleven store.

What are the pros and cons of using CLiQQ?

CLiQQ wallet is a convenient way to settle bills without visiting a branch that usually has queues. It just generates barcodes for your transactions which you need to complete at the 7-Eleven cashier.

The app also makes sure that your account is verified to avoid misuse and abuse of use. It will block accounts that have suspicious activity which violates the terms and conditions.

However, there’s no prepaid card available for withdrawal, and the points you earn or the funds in your wallet can’t be used to pay bills.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for another option to transfer money from your other e-wallets or to pay bills, CLiQQ does a great job. You’d enjoy the Rewards program, too, especially if you’re a loyal 7-Eleven customer.

You’d find the rewards catalog enticing as you collect and redeem points for items. It’s free to use, and you even have WiFi access in case you’re running out of mobile data.

If there’s a 7-Eleven store near your home or workplace, you will find the CLiQQ wallet pretty useful.


What mobile wallets are you using right now? Are you willing to try CliQQ after reading this article?