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Maria Krisette Capati-Lim is a contributing writer at MoneySmart for over four years. With an extensive background in the intersections of digital marketing, technology, lifestyle and personal finance, she believes that learning is a lifetime pursuit to become better ever day. When she's not writing, she's either checking her income and expenses on a spreadsheet or tinkering with her personal websites.

hiring a yaya or kasambahay in 2023
How to Find a Yaya or Kasambahay: A Comprehensive Guide on Hiring, Costs, and Other Expenses (2024)
Finding a reliable and trustworthy kasambahay and yaya is no small feat. Juggling a career, children’s needs, and household responsibilities can sap all your energy and patience. So, where do you start? Whether you’re hiring for the first time or looking to change existing arrangements, make sure you’re prepared, too. Remember that having an extra…
28 May 2024
Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard
Credit Card
Security Bank Cashback Platinum Mastercard (Updated 2024)
One of the best things about having a cashback credit card is earning cash rebates on your spending. If you’re looking for one that covers almost all spending categories, Security Bank Cashback Platinum is an excellent choice. You can earn up to 5% cashback on different categories. Although earning rebates every billing cycle is quite…
27 May 2024
Credit Card
What is Cash Advance and Should You Use this Credit Card Feature?
Imagine you just checked your credit card mobile app and saw that your bank increased your credit limit to six figures. Are you happy? I bet you are. You may have considered withdrawing funds using the cash advance feature for fast cash withdrawals. While a cash advance may seem like an easy gateway to borrowing…
19 April 2024
unodigital bank review
UNO Digital Bank: Check and Compare Savings, Time Deposits, and Loan Offers (Honest Review)
If you’re a regular GCash user, you probably have seen UNO Digital Bank ads on your screen prompting you to open a new savings account. Like you, I was curious about this digital bank that offers high interest rates on savings and time deposit accounts. How high? It’s a whopping 6.50% p.a., better than GoTyme,…
13 April 2024
Your Ultimate Guide How to Cancel Your Credit Card
Credit Card
How to Cancel a Credit Card in the Philippines (2024)
That shiny plastic card inside the mailing envelope can make or break your finances. Some credit cardholders often get it for the wrong reasons, like spending more on credit or being lured in by a flashy sign-up bonus or a welcome gift. If you’ve signed up and activated the card and can’t control your spending,…
10 April 2024
Is dropshipping a profitable business in the Philippines?
Is Dropshipping a Profitable Business?
Have you seen an ad or random post on your feed where a seller brags about a six-figure income on the dashboard and credits dropshipping? Perhaps that’s why you’re wondering if dropshipping is a profitable business. I’m not going to discredit sellers who are earning thousands of dollars from dropshipping. I believe it has potential…
2 April 2024
risk tolerance in investing
What Is Your Risk Tolerance As an Investor: Low, Moderate, or Aggressive?
Have you ever thought about the financial risk you’re comfortable with? Well, it’s a big deal if you’re exploring investment options. If you’re aiming for major financial goals like retirement or college funds for your kids, getting your risk just right matters a ton. Sadly, here’s the truth: a significant portion of the Filipino population…
2 April 2024
10 Digital Banks in the Philippines That Let You Open a Savings Account in 2024
Thanks to digital banks like CIMB Bank, SeaBank, GoTyme Bank, and Maya Bank (formerly PayMaya), opening a savings account takes about ten minutes or less. Even traditional banks like Maybank, UnionBank, and RCBC have upgraded their registration processes—all these can be done through your smartphone. Fun fact: In a survey conducted in the fourth quarter…
18 March 2024
prenuptial-agreement in the philippines
What Is a Prenuptial Agreement: Is It Necessary in Managing Finances?
Getting married and starting a new life together with your significant other should be an exciting time filled with hope, dreams, and plans for the future. The recent break up — calling off their engagement — of Dominique Roque and Bea Alonzo has sparked gossip among Filipino netizens about the real reason behind it. Is…
14 March 2024
best passive income investments in the philippines
7 Best Passive Income Ideas to Explore in 2024
Make money work for you. This is typical financial advice from veteran investors, but it’s easier said than done. Imagine making a singular investment and witnessing cash flow without lifting a finger. While passive income serves as a delightful reward for minimal effort, it’s crucial to note that constructing this income stream demands both time…
17 February 2024
teaching kids about saving money
Smart Money
7 Expert-Backed Tips on Teaching Kids About Saving Money
Discussing finances with young individuals isn’t always an enjoyable subject. However, acknowledging the importance of addressing money matters, especially the concept of saving, which is crucial for developing essential life skills. This challenge isn’t exclusive to adults; even they grapple with it, resorting to retail therapy as a coping mechanism for life’s daily stresses—ultimately leading…
5 February 2024
best investment and personal finance books to read
Top 15 Best Investment and Personal Finance Books Every Filipino Should Read in 2024
As a voracious reader, I believe that reading books about investments, personal finance, and real estate is the best way to become financially literate. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of the late billionaire Charlie Munger, who spends up to ten hours a day reading books, newspapers, and journals. So, whether you’re starting…
3 February 2024
Image of a woman reviewing her finances
Smart Money
Forget About New Year’s Resolutions: Personal Finance Habits You Should Do Now
The concept of new beginnings is exciting for many people, fostering a sense of enthusiasm to embark on fresh projects, hobbies, or activities, particularly at the start of a new year. Among the commonly chosen New Year’s resolutions, saving money stands out. According to a Discover Happy Habits study, 49% of participants had identified saving…
17 January 2024
how to make your finances inflation-proof
Smart Money
How to Make Your Finances Inflation-Proof in the Philippines
Inflation is an unavoidable presence in any economy. Like a persistent fly, it can multiply despite efforts to swat it down. Embrace it as one of life’s constants, alongside taxes and death. Living costs are escalating each year, and inflation rates in the Philippines have hovered between 1.25% and 5.21% over the past seven years.…
16 January 2024
PERA retirement voluntary program
Smart Money
What Is PERA Voluntary Retirement Program: How to Get Started?
Retirement might be the least you have in mind in your 20s and 30s. But if there’s one thing you can do to secure your future, prepare for it as soon as possible. Time is of the essence when it involves compounding interests. Reality check: In 2023, the Philippines has around 7.6 million citizens aged…
3 January 2024
A women holding a cashback credit card
Credit Card
BPI Amore Cashback Card – MoneySmart Review 2024
In a world where change remains constant, managing finances requires discipline and smart choices. Rising prices and growing family needs make finding extra money or side hustle a life goal. The right credit card in your pocket can be a helpful tool for financial flexibility. When it comes to cashback cards, the most exciting part…
1 January 2024
how to spend your 13th month pay wisely in the philippines
Smart Money
How to Spend Your 13th Month Pay Wisely
Looking forward to your annual 13th-month pay or bonus? Wondering how to spend it this year? Whether it’s a new gadget, a home appliance, a luxury bag, or an exciting trip to Japan or South Korea, the possibilities are endless. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with spending your hard-earned money. According to a JobStreet survey,…
20 December 2023
tips on buying condo in the philippines
8 Tips on Buying a Condo in the Philippines: A First-Timer’s Guide
A Facebook ad on your feed promises a zero downpayment option and a monthly amortization of ₱15,000 for a 2-bedroom condo unit in the city center. In a perfect world, you simply contact the agent, sign the papers, and pay your monthly due. Imagine your dream of buying a home is one call away. Apparently,…
30 November 2023
Image of a woman scammed from a mobile app
Smart Money
7 Online Scams in the Philippines to Watch Out for in 2024 and Beyond
Access to the Internet is a privilege, yet it’s also a responsibility as online scammers are elevating their tactics to lure unsuspecting netizens. From phishing attempts on your emails to questionable financial offers, there is no shortage of security threats online — in fact, the Philippines has seen a significant rise in different online scams,…
30 November 2023
How to make money on Airbnb in the philippines
How to Make Money on Airbnb in the Philippines (And Is It Profitable?)
I can imagine your eyebrows are raised while reading the title of this article. Perhaps, you’re already asking this burning question: So, how much can I earn from Airbnb per month? I can’t promise to give you exact figures since several factors contribute to the income. But one thing’s for sure: Airbnb hosting in the…
28 November 2023
Image of a woman holding a credit card and happy
Credit Card
What is a Credit Card Utilization? Why Cardholders Should Care About It
Credit cards can be overwhelming for new cardholders due to the financial lingo and terms involved. But it’s important to approach credit card usage with awareness. Resist the temptation to mindlessly swipe the shiny plastic card, even if your monthly paycheck provides a sense of security. Knowing your credit limit doesn’t mean you can freely…
20 November 2023
Ways to Grow Your Baby's Savings: Image of an expecting family
Smart Money
5 Ways to Grow Your Baby’s Savings Aside from Putting Them in a Piggy Bank
Welcoming a baby brings immense joy and responsibility. As parents, planning for their future — from medical needs to education expenses — is vital. Besides traditional savings methods, where else can you grow your hard-earned money? Besides piggy banks, there are moneysmart ways for Filipino savers to build long-term wealth. But sadly, 30.2% of household…
9 November 2023
gotyme bank review
GoTyme Bank Philippines Peso Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2023
Saving money requires discipline to achieve your goals. You may be surprised by an unexpected expense or emergency, and it’s tempting to tap into savings during tough times. By developing solid financial habits, you can grow your savings over time. Opening a bank account is more accessible than ever with digital banks. You don’t need…
5 November 2023
security bank next titanium mastercard review
Credit Card
Security Bank Next Titanium Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2023
Most credit cards in the Philippines are categorized as rewards cards, cashback cards, and airmiles credit cards. But Security Bank stands out among other banks with its installment credit card — Next Titanium Mastercard. Existing Security Bank depositors may receive this credit card for free — those with a good credit history and fat savings…
1 November 2023
Chiropractic care and prices in the Philippines - image of a chiro and a patient
Chiropractic Care and Costs in the Philippines: Is It Worth It? Everything You Need to Know
Filipinos have long relied on natural remedies like hilot, acupuncture, and back rubs to ease body pain and soothe sore muscles and joints. However, there is little awareness about chiropractic care in the Philippines. In recent years, the number of chiropractors has grown, making it a potential investment for individuals, from active professionals to seniors…
19 October 2023