How to Get Started With My.SSS Online Registration

how to get started with my.sss online registration

Do you have a Philippine Social Security System (SSS) account? If so, did you know that you can take advantage of the SSS online services once you have activated your online account? It’s cumbersome to visit a branch and wait in a queue these days.

Fortunately, you can request assistance online. But you have to register your account online. This blog post will help you get started and provide details on other benefits you get once your online account is activated and so much more.


What is My.SSS online account?
Why should I register my account online?
How do I register My.SSS membership account online?
What can I do on My.SSS online account?
Can I get a SS number online?
Other things you should know about SSS online services

What is a My.SSS online account?

The My.SSS online account is an online service of the SSS website that allows members to access the services and manage their accounts quickly using their SSS records. Registering My.SSS account is free, and all you need to do is sign up and fill in the required details that match your existing SSS records.

Once you have a My.SSS online account, you can log in and use the SSS portal at your convenience, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Instead of visiting a nearby SSS branch filled with long lines, you can make transactions on the online portal.

Why should I register my account online?

First, you can access your SSS account instantly and create transactions online, and you don’t need to visit a branch nearby, especially if it’s during office hours. For example, for individual membership, you can access the disbursement account enrollment module and upload supporting documents from the comfort of your home.

You can also apply for unemployment benefits, maternity benefits or request SSS records that you need to use for other reasons. Moreover, you can submit personal loans, calamity loans, and more,

How do I register My.SSS account online?

Registering your online account is super easy if you have an SSS account or belong to any of the categories below.

  • Self-employed and voluntary contributors with SSS coverage
  • Employees with SSS membership
  • Employers
  • Unemployed spouses
  • House helpers or kasambahays
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Assuming you already have an SSS account, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a My.SSS online account.

1. Go to and click the ‘Member’ button in the upper-right corner.

2. The website will direct you to the members’ portal. Click the ‘Not yet registered in My.SSS?

3. A window will pop out, showing the Reminders, so please read carefully and after that, tick the box to certify that you have understood the information and click ‘Proceed.

4. Fill in the form with your details and ensure that the information is correct and matches your SSS record.

5. Under the Registration Preference, choose an option from the drop-down list. For example, if you choose ‘Mobile Number Registered in SSS,’ then enter your mobile number.

6. Tick the checkbox, ‘I am not a robot,’ and the other checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.

7. Wait for at least 10 to 30 minutes and check your email for further instructions. You will receive an email from [email protected]. Check your spam if you can’t find the email in your inbox.

8. The email consists of the activation link to confirm your request. Follow the steps, and you’re good to go—your My.SSS online account is activated.

What can I do on My.SSS online account?

Employers and individual contributors will greatly benefit from having My.SSS online account because of the convenience and accessibility it provides. Here are some of the things you can do:

For employers:

  • You can get PRN or (Payment Reference Number) for contributions and loans.
  • Submit your collection lists and employment reports.
  • Certify your employees’ salary loans and retirement claim applications.
  • Submit your employees’ maternity and sickness notifications.
  • Download R3 and LMS file generators and update contact information.
  • Check and directly print SSS records.
  • Access benefit re-disbursement module and more.

For individual contributors:

  • You can get your PRN or (Payment Reference Number) for contributions and loans.
  • Check, update, or print your SSS records such as contributions, the status of loans, benefit claims, document requirements, and more.
  • Request records such as E-1 (Personal Record), E-4 (Member Data Change Request), RS-1 (Self-Employed Data Records), NW-1 (Non-Working Spouse Record), and Flexi-fund for OFWs.
  • You can submit your applications for a salary loan, retirement, PESO Fund, funeral claims, and Flexi-fund enrollment.
  • Submit maternity notifications if you are a voluntary member, self-employed, non-working spouse, or OFW member.
  • Update contact information.
  • Set a branch appointment and so much more.

Can I get a SS number online?

Not yet a member of SSS? You can apply for a SS number through an online application. Visit the address: to get started.

This link is the official link for new applicants, so instead of visiting the branch to get a SS number, you can fill in the online application on your computer. Keep in mind that you must accomplish all information correctly before submitting it.

You will also receive an email to continue your application consisting of a link that you need to click within five days. If it expires, you need to repeat the registration process.

Other things you should know about SSS online services

SSS will always reply to your concern with automated emails for your online requests. Always check your inbox for new emails or open your spam folder if you don’t see the replies in your inbox.

You can always reach out to them via email at [email protected] or [email protected]If it doesn’t work, you can always call the SSS hotline: 1455 or the toll-free no: 1-800-10-2255777.