BPI Amore Cashback Card – MoneySmart Review 2024

A women holding a cashback credit card

In a world where change remains constant, managing finances requires discipline and smart choices. Rising prices and growing family needs make finding extra money or side hustle a life goal. The right credit card in your pocket can be a helpful tool for financial flexibility.

When it comes to cashback cards, the most exciting part is redeeming the rebates. If you’re looking for a credit card that you can use for grocery purchases while giving you cashback rewards in every transaction, the BPI Amore Cashback Card is worth considering.

But before you tinker with math on how much you will earn every billing cycle, let’s first explore this shiny EMV-chipped plastic card’s features, benefits, and terms and conditions.

Spoiler alert: you can actually earn up to 4% cashback on your transactions. But is it worth it? I’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

BPI Amore Cashback Card key features

Annual Fee
  • ₱2,050
Minimum Annual Income
  • ₱180,000
Monthly Interest Rate 
  • 3.00%
Cash Advance Fee
  • ₱200 
Late Payment Fee
  • ₱850
Statement of account copy
  • ₱200 per statement of account
Card Replacement Fee
  • ₱400
Card Network
  • VISA

How does the BPI Amore Cashback Card work?

The BPI Amore Cashback Card is a credit card that allows you to earn cashback on your purchases, both in-store and online. For every ₱1,000 spent, you can earn different rates of cashback depending on the type of purchase:

  • 4% cashback on supermarket purchases
  • 1% cash back on drugstores and utilities
  • 0.3% cash back on all other local retail spend

The cashback is earned in increments of ₱1,000, meaning only multiples of ₱1,000 will earn cashback. The maximum cashback that can be earned in a year is ₱15,000.

Here’s a table to illustrate how you earn the cashback.

Transaction Cashback % Computation Total cashback earned
₱500 grocery transaction at S&R membership shopping in New Manila Not eligible N/A ₱0
₱1,000 supermarket transaction at Robinsons Supermarket 4% ₱1,000 x 4% ₱40
₱750 grocery transaction at S&R membership shopping in Alabang Not eligible N/A ₱0
₱10,500 grocery transaction at S&R membership shopping in Pampanga 4% ₱10,500 x 4%   ₱400

To redeem your cashback, claim ₱500 increments at any BPI branch. Call their contact center or send an email for assistance. The BPI Amore Cashback Card offers free annual membership for the first year and ₱2,050 for subsequent years.

What are the other features of the BPI Amore Cashback Card?

Aside from the cash rebates you earn, here are the other features of the BPI Amore Cashback Card worth mentioning to help you decide if it’s meant for you.

  • Convert your credit to cash: Withdraw up to 30% of your available credit with Cash Advance and pay it back in installments over 36 months.
  • Spread out payments with installment options: The card provides various installment options, such as 0% installment, Buy Now Pay Later, and additional installment limits with Bonus Madness Limit. Additionally, you can convert your straight purchases to installments with low add-on rates.
  • Take advantage of Ayala Mall’s perks: The card offers exclusive perks at Ayala Malls, including unlimited access to Ayala Malls’ exclusive customer and family lounges.
  • Enjoy cashless transactions: Shop safely and conveniently with our widely accepted card. Enjoy contactless transactions online and in-store.
  • Get discounts and access to exclusive offers: BPI also offers various promotions throughout the year, such as discounts at select retailers and restaurants, as well as travel promos for hotel stays. If you love booking hotels and ticket planes on Agoda, all BPI cards — credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards — can get up to 6% off when you use them for reservations.

Remember that this is purely a cashback card, so there are no rewards or air miles points to earn.

What are the requirements to apply for a BPI Amore Cashback Card?

The annual income requirement to apply for this credit card is ₱180,000, or your monthly income is ₱15,000. It suits new credit cardholders and freshly hired employees who want to build a good credit standing.

You may submit the following documents in your preferred branch.

  • One valid ID (Driver’s license, passport, BIR/TIN, PRC ID, Postal ID, etc.)
  • Proof of income like a certificate of employment (COE) if employed or a copy of your credit card statement from another issuer if you are an existing credit cardholder

Other information you should know about BPI Amore Cashback Card

By now, you should have a mental list of this cashback card’s features and benefits. I also listed some of the important information you should know that I extracted from the terms and conditions.

  • It is a purely cashback credit card. You will not earn any reward points from the Real Thrills Rewards Program.
  • Cashback earned by the principal and supplementary cardholders will be combined and reflected on the former’s statement of account.
  • You earn cashback provided that the transactions are made locally or online, via Special Installment Plan (SIP) of the merchant partners.
  • If the principal cardholder reaches the cashback cap of ₱15,000 between January and December, the cashback accumulation will pause until December 31 of the same year. The new accumulation cycle to earn cashback resumes on January 1 of the succeeding year.
  • While you can enjoy withdrawing cash using your credit limit, you are not eligible to earn cashback from any cash advance transactions. Balance transfers, balance conversions, casino/gambling, and money transfers are not eligible for cashback.

Alternative to the BPI Amore Cashback Card

If you’re unsatisfied with the BPI Amore Cashback Card’s features and benefits, explore these other options to help you decide which one is right for you.

HSBC Gold Visa Cashback: up to 5% rebate on dining transactions

Earn 5% rebate on dining transactions and 0.50% on other expenses with HSBC Gold Visa Cashback. Plus, enjoy a 6% fuel rebate on your first gas up at Caltex stations and 3% fuel rebate on subsequent transactions if you’re always on the road.

If you love eating out, you can maximize the rebates whenever you dine in select merchant partners and restaurants. Aside from that, you can request a zero percent installment on your big ticket items with flexible payment terms in 3, 6, or 12 months, but you need to pay for the processing fees.

Citi Cashback Card: up to 6% rebate on groceries

If you reside in the National Capital Region, consider the Citi Cashback card. It offers 6% rebates on groceries, 2% on Meralco bills, and 0.20% on other purchases. With an annual ₱15,000 rebate cap, you can track your rebates and credit limit using the Citi mobile app.

More than the rebates you earn, Citi provides a convenient way for you to have full control and access to your credit transactions using the mobile app. Check your balance and amount due, or immediately convert a portion of your credit limit to cash.

Security Bank Complete Cashback Platinum: up to 5% on different spending categories

Earn up to 5% cashback with this versatile credit card. Get rewarded for shopping, dining, utilities, fuel, and groceries, with a maximum cashback of ₱1,000 per billing cycle. It’s perfect for growing families looking to make the most of their spending.

Final thoughts

BPI Amore Cashback Card annual income requirement is an attractive offer for new entrants. If we’re going to compare the card with other cashback cards, it’s rather less appealing if you’re shopping for different categories like shopping, dining, fuel, and utilities.

For instance, Security Bank’s offer is better as it’s more flexible when it comes to earning rebates in various spending categories. What’s a deal breaker is that cash rebates are not automatically credited to your account.

You still have to contact the bank to request the rebates. Unlike other cashback cards from HSBC and Citi — they automatically reflect on your statement of account. However, if most of your spending is within the ecosystem of Ayala-owned companies, I think you will benefit from this card, especially if you always hang out in Ayala Malls.

Plus, the good thing about having a BPI credit card is you’ll enjoy the Buy Now Pay Later option if you’re buying high-ticket items like gadgets, appliances, and more.

It’s also one of the few credit cards that has low annual fee, which only costs ₱2,050 — other cards can go as high as ₱2,500 and up to ₱4,500.

What do you think of the opportunity to have your groceries even cheaper with a BPI Amore Cashback card? Is earning 4% cashback on groceries enough for you?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.