ZALORA Credit Card: Earn Rewards and Cashback When You Shop Online

Zalora credit card review

Are you looking for an easy way to shop on ZALORA and save simultaneously? Look no further than the RCBC co-branded credit card, ZALORA Mastercard.

This rewards card offers multiple benefits to make shopping more enjoyable than ever: great deals and discounts, free shipping, contactless payments, and much more.

Whether you’re a family of savers or a thrifty millennial just getting started with your first credit card, keep reading to learn more about its key features and benefits.


  1. ZALORA Mastercard key features
  2. How does ZALORA Mastercard work?
  3. What are the other features of ZALORA Mastercard?
  4. Options for ZALORA Mastercard

ZALORA Mastercard key features

Annual Fee
  • Waived annual fee for the first year
  • ₱4,000 for principal cardholder 
  • ₱2,000 for supplementary cardholder
Minimum Gross Annual Income
  • ₱300,000
Monthly Interest Rate 
  • 3.00%
Cash Advance Fee
  • ₱200 flat fee charge per transaction
Late Payment Fee
  • ₱850 or the minimum amount due, whichever is lower
Overlimit Fee
  • ₱600 (charged once within the billing cycle)
Card Replacement Fee
  • ₱500
Cashback or Rebate
  • 6% on all ZALORA purchases
  • 2% on non-online retail merchants (at least ₱10,000 accumulated spend for the month
  • 1% on non-online retail merchants (below ₱10,000 accumulated spend for the month
Card Network
  • Mastercard

How does ZALORA Mastercard work?

ZALORA website screenshot

The RCBC co-branded ZALORA Mastercard is a credit card with exclusive rewards and benefits for ZALORA shoppers. It’s the region’s first fashion and lifestyle virtual credit card, rewarding you when you shop online. Earn 6% cashback on ZALORA transactions and up to 2% on other online purchases from your rewards points.

Once approved, you’ll get an instant virtual card to immediately buy online and settle bill payments. It’s made from 84% bio-sourced polylactic acid (PLA) from non-edible corn, making it the first eco-friendly credit card in the country.

This virtual credit card offers ₱5,000 worth of shopping credits as your welcome gift when you spend at least ₱30,000 within 60 days from the day of card delivery. The minimum spend can be a single transaction or accumulated purchases.

What are the other features of ZALORA Mastercard?

Aside from the cashback you earn from credit card rewards points, you’ll also enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts of up to 35% (on top of the 6% cashback) from brands like Nike, Birkenstock, and Puma, to name a few.
  • Earn non-expiring rewards points and convert them into cashback, waived annual fees, air miles, or donations to participating non-profit organizations.
  • Enjoy unlimited free shipping for a year via a ZNOW subscription, no minimum required spend. Just renew your annual membership and maintain a total annual spend of ₱200,000. Qualified cardholders will receive a voucher code through electronic direct mail.
  • Mastercard’s Automatic Billing Updater keeps your card information updated for automatic payments when you get a new card.
  • Get free insurance on your online purchases through Mastercard E-Commerce Protection.
  • Manage all your transactions and view your balance using RCBC online banking app.
  • Convert local and overseas transactions into installments for up to 36 months.
  • Enjoy free snacks and beverages, along with convenient facilities like free WiFi, charging stations, and shower rooms with access to the airport lounge in PAGSS lounges in NAIA terminals 1 and 3.

Here’s a table showing how much you can earn from online spending and non-online spending.

Image credit: RCBC Terms & Conditions

Options for ZALORA Mastercard

Still undecided if ZALORA Mastercard is worth it? Check these other options before you sign the dotted line in your credit card application.

HSBC Red Mastercard – up to 4X bonus points on online, dining, shopping, and overseas purchases

HSBC Red Mastercard offers 1 Bonus point for every ₱20 spend, and earn up to 4X Bonus points when you swipe your card for online, dining, shopping, and overseas transactions if they’re qualified under the Accelerated Rewards program. Enjoy fuel savings of 6% rebate on your first transaction at participating Caltex stations and 3% rebate all year round.

Citi Simplicity+ Card – waived annual fees for life

Citi Simplicity+ credit card offers no annual fees, no late payment fees, and no overlimit fees. You can also earn rewards points that never expire and redeem them for shopping vouchers, air miles, and more.

Metrobank Femme Signature Visa – triple rewards on health and wellness transactions

Metrobank Femme Signature Visa credit card is designed for women and offers exclusive discounts and privileges on shopping, dining, and wellness. You can also earn up to triple rewards points that never expire and redeem them for shopping vouchers, air miles, and more. Your first supplementary card is free for life.

Final thoughts

ZALORA Mastercard’s 6% cashback is quite an enticing offer — that is if you use the card on all your ZALORA purchases. Although there’s no minimum required spend, you can only redeem your points when they reach 3,750.

The minimum cashback you can receive per month is capped at ₱1,000 on non-ZALORA online spending. The caveat on the redemption of points is that you still need to call the issuer, and the cashback will be credited to your ZALORA wallet within three weeks from the redemption date.

You also need to remember that you can only redeem in minimum and increments of ₱500. To give you an idea, this is equivalent to 5,000 reward points.

Ultimately, whether the RCBC Zalora Mastercard is worth having depends on your shopping habits and preferences. If you frequently shop on ZALORA and value the rewards and benefits offered by the card, it may be worth considering. However, it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions, including interest rates and fees, before deciding.

For example, the annual fee is worth ₱4,000, which is a bit expensive and almost double the price of entry-level credit cards. If the annual fee is a deal breaker for you, you’re better off with other cards like HSBC Red Mastercard or Citi Simplicity+

What do you think of the ZALORA credit card? Is it worth it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.