Citi Simplicity+ Card Review 2019 – No Annual Fee Card for Life

citi simplicity card review

Citi Simplicity+ card is an entry-level interest-back credit card that allows you to get 10% interest back on interest charges. So far, this is the only credit card in the Philippines that offers this. What’s more – you don’t need to worry about your annual fees because they are free for life.

Aside from these features, is this credit card worth having? Is it better to have this card than, say, a cashback credit card?

Let’s check out the key features of the card, as well as its terms and conditions in more detail.

Citi Simplicity+ Card Terms and Conditions

Annual Fee
  • No annual fees for principal and supplementary card
Minimum Annual Income
  • P250,000 if you have no credit card
  • P180,000 if you already have a credit card for at least 6 months
Monthly Interest Rate 
  • 3.5%
Cash Advance Fee
  • P500 per withdrawal, or 3% of the cash advance amount, whichever is higher
Late Payment Fee
  • N/A
Overlimit Fee
  • N/A
Card Replacement Fee
  • P400
Card Network
  • Visa

How does the Citi Simplicity+ Card work?

You can use the card in any spending category, whether it’s for shopping, dining, or drugstore purchases.

The interest-back amounting to 10% of the interest charges on your retail purchases and cash advances from the previous billing cycle will reflect on your statement.

In short, pay at least your minimum due amount on or before the required date to get 10% back on interest charges.

Let’s say your total amount due on your Citi Simplicity+ credit card is P31,872.54, and your minimum amount due for the month is P1,533.12. If you pay at least P1,553.12 before the due date, then you get a 10% interest-back of P155.

This is just an example, of course, and actual figures will vary depending on your spending.

If you’re planning to purchase something on instalment, a bit of bad news for you. According to the terms and conditions of this card, you can’t earn interest-back from your instalment transactions.

However, there’s no cap on how much interest-back you can earn per statement of account.

The waived annual fees for life also apply for both principal and supplementary cards. Most Citibank credit cards have annual fees that range from P2,000 to P5,000.

Citi Simplicity+ has no late payment fees or overlimit fees, unlike other Citi cards that have a late payment fee of P850, as well as an overlimit fee of P750. Just think about the money you will save on the following fees when you get this card.

What can you get from the Citi Simplicity+ card?

You earn interest-back with this card. Use your Simplicity+ card when shopping online and get discounts of up to 25% at participating online shopping sites, such as Zalora.

For dining, you can also get up to 50% off at participating restaurants and establishments, whether it’s a buffet lunch or Sunday brunch.

You can enjoy up to 50% off at participating hotels, resorts, and airlines when you use your card to book accommodations and flights as well.

But you don’t earn rewards points for this card. The good thing is you will still be able to use it to take advantage of exclusive Citi promotions and deals.


Citi Simplicity+ is currently the only card in the market that offers no annual fees, no late payment fees, and no overlimit fees.

But the temptation to not make a full payment on your credit card bill also becomes greater because you still get interest back even when you pay just the minimum amount due.

However, settling the total amount due is the MoneySmart thing to do, whether you own a rewards card, a cashback card or an air miles card. If that’s not possible, try not to reduce your spend so that you can settle your bill in full on your next due date.

So what do you think of the Citi Simplicity+ card? Do you think it’s a credit card that will make your spending a lot simpler?