The 7 Best Rewards Cards in the Philippines (2019)

best rewards cards in the philippines

What could be more rewarding than redeeming points from every peso you spend using your credit card?

No wonder rewards cards are one of the popular credit card types in the Philippines. If you love collecting rewards points and exchanging them for vouchers or merchandise and even cash rebates, you’re in the right place.

Who knows, maybe those accumulated rewards points could even fund your next trip to Japan or Taiwan!

7 best rewards cards in the Philippines

Take a look at the best entry-level rewards cards in the Philippines and see which one will match your spending habits. We picked the ones that have the lowest minimum annual income requirement, ranging from P180,000 – P250,000.

Credit Card Bonus Rewards Spending Categories
BPI Edge Mastercard 1 reward point = P50 Shopping, dining, travel and entertainment
Metrobank Classic Mastercard 1 reward point = P20 Shopping, dining, pay utility bills and travel
Metrobank Toyota Mastercard 1 reward point = P20 and 2x rewards points in any Toyota dealers Fuel and car maintenance, auto repairs and services
Security Bank Classic Rewards Mastercard 1 reward point = P20 Any spending category
BDO Forever 21 Mastercard 3x rewards points Shopping
HSBC Red Mastercard 4x rewards points Shopping
Citi Rewards Card 3x rewards points Shopping, dining, travel, entertainment and more.

As always, when applying for a credit card, you need to meet the minimum annual income requirement and also submit the required documents to be approved. You can see the minimum income requirements for each card below:

  • BPI Edge Mastercard – P180,000
  • Metrobank Classic Mastercard – P180,000
  • Metrobank Toyota Mastercard – P180,000
  • Security Bank Classic Rewards – – P180,000
  • BDO Forever 21 Mastercard – P180,000
  • HSBC Red Mastercard – P200,000
  • Citi Rewards Card – P250,000

BPI Edge Mastercard

Earn your Real Thrills rewards points when you shop, dine, or travel as (1) one reward point is earned for every P50. It’s one of the best entry-level credit cards with a low minimum annual income requirement. Your annual fee is waived for the first year.

You have access to discounts and rewards when you shop at merchant partners, from restaurants to coolest clubs and retail stores. Plus, your accumulated rewards points can be converted to GetGo points to fund your flights via Cebu Pacific. You can also convert them into KrisFlyer miles and fly to over 1,000 destinations.

Another key feature of this card is you get to enjoy their instalment deals when you make purchases at their partner merchants with 0% interest, and choose terms of up to 36 months.

If you’re using a prepaid number, you can easily top-up your account and get a status update of your balance via ATMs and SMS.

Here’s the Real Thrill Rewards Catalogue for more details.

Metrobank Classic Mastercard

Earn (1) one rewards point for every P20 you spend and use your points to redeem air miles and merchandise items at their merchant partners. Convert your points to air miles at Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines.

Enjoy freebies and discounts when you use your card at the merchant partners’ shops and establishments where you can also avail the 0% interest instalment deals and choose terms up to 24 months.

Compared to other entry-level credit cards on our list, this one has one of the lowest spend requirements – P20 earns you (1) rewards point. More points means more chances to redeem or convert.

To make sure you’re always on time with your bills, the Bills2Pay feature of this card allows you to enrol and pay your utilities with ease.

Here’s the Rewards Catalogue for more rewards and items.

Metrobank Toyota Mastercard

Here’s a good rewards card for every motorist and a loyal Petron or Toyota customer. You earn (1) one rewards point for every P20 spend, and for accumulated points, you get to redeem air miles and merchandise items like the Metrobank Classic Mastercard.

Aside from redeeming air miles, you also enjoy 3% fuel rebates when you refuel at any participating Petron stations nationwide.

In addition, if you use this card and avail services, genuine parts, accessories and labour at any Toyota dealer, you get a 10% discount and (2x) double your rewards points.

Combining this card with your Petron Value card, you can access the 24/7 roadside assistance in case of emergency.

Here’s the Rewards Catalogue for more rewards and items.

Security Bank Classic Rewards Mastercard

Ideal for first-time credit card holders, this Rewards Mastercard offers you exclusive promos when you shop, either online or at the participating merchant partners.

Just like the Metrobank credit cards, this one can earn you (1) one rewards points for every P20. Use your accumulated points to redeem rewards such as gift certificates from coffee shops like Coffee Bean or Tea & Leaf, to restaurants like T.G.I. Fridays and Italiannis.

Another key feature of this card is that it allows you to set a limit when shopping online.

Choose from any of the Rewards categories for your points; dining, shopping, travel, charity, health and wellness or cash/annual fee waiver.

Here’s the Rewards Catalogue for more rewards and gift certificates.

BDO Forever 21 Mastercard

This card is any shopaholic’s best friend. This Forever 21 Mastercard unlocks promos, perks, and discounts when you shop at any of the Forever 21 stores nationwide.

Enjoy 10% discount year round when you spend at least P3,000. Convert a straight purchase of P3,000 as instalment and avail 0% interest and choose your terms up to 36 months.

Come and visit the shop during your birth month to get the 8% cash rebate for P10,000 cumulative spend anywhere for a minimum of P3,000 per purchase.

But wait, there’s more. More rewards points! Get 3x rewards points when you shop at any Forever 21 store. Plus, you can redeem exclusive items using your accumulated points.

Earn (1) reward points for every P200 spent in other categories like groceries, fuel, and shopping in other retail stores.

As a credit card holder, you also get the other perks of exclusive access to the latest sale events and special treatment on payment and dressing room lanes.

Here’s the Rewards redemption program for more info.

HSBC Red Mastercard

Love buffets? Do you indulge in weekly dinner treats with family, friends or colleagues? This credit card offers 4x rewards points when you use it for dining, shopping and overseas transactions.

Earn (1) reward point for every P20 spend, whether online purchases or other types of transactions.

You can redeem air miles, gift certificates and other items using your rewards points with their merchant partners.

What’s more, aside from the spending categories mentioned, it also offers 6% fuel rebates for the first purchase, and then 3% fuel rebates all year round for motorists at any participating Caltex stations.

Compared to other Rewards cards above, this one offers accumulated rewards points for common spending categories, plus it comes with a lower spend requirement to earn (1) reward point just like the Metrobank and Security Bank cards.

Here’s the Red Rewards Card Catalogue for a list of items and merchants.

Citi Rewards Card

Last but not least, here’s another Rewards card that offers a generous welcome e-gift for new cardholders worth P5,000 from now until June 30, 2019.

You can claim your Uniqlo, Nike Park, or T.G.I. Friday’s e-Gift once you use your card and spend P20,000 within 60 days upon your first transaction.

Earn (1) rewards point for every P30 and triple (3x) rewards points when you shop, dine or book a flight via Cebu Pacific Air.

From hotel stays to branded items and merchandise, those non-expiring points are useful for your next trip or if you want to shop via Amazon.

To know more about this card here’s a full review of Citi Rewards Card.

So, tell us, which do you think is the most “rewarding”?