Self-Care Check: Ways to Take Care of Yourself Without Really Spending

Self-Care Check: Ways to Take Care of Yourself Without Really Spending

When we hear the words ‘self-care’, we instantly think about lush beauty products, luxurious getaways, boutique exercise classes, and Instagram-worthy meals.

They all sound wonderful for your stressed out mind, tired body, and weary soul. Especially if you have a lot of money to spare.

Some of you may think self-care practices during this pandemic are not practical or realistic. We should save money because we don’t know how long this pandemic will last.

But what if we tell you that there are self-care practices that are basically free? Try them out because they will help you cope and come out of this tough period stronger!

Have a no-chore day

We’re all busy with work, with running a household, and with taking care of the kids. But we are allowed to be lazy every now and then, especially if it means feeling good about ourselves again.

Skip doing the laundry today and devote the day to just doing what you want to do, like sleeping, or eating on your bed, or having a TV dinner with the family.

Light an aromatherapy candle

Did you know that negative thoughts and emotions over certain situations can be eliminated just by lighting some aromatherapy candles?

Not only do they boost your concentration and relieve your stress, aromatherapy candles also help you gain energy and stimulate your senses. So go ahead and light a candle infused with essential oils to feel instantly better.

Dance to your favorite song

Listen to your favorite song and play it on full blast. It will transport you to your favorite memory or to your special place and make you feel good and fuzzy all over.

Curate songs that make you feel happy so that the next time you need it, you can quickly hit play.

Snuggle with your pet

Even a quick cuddle with your fur babies can greatly reduce your stress, depression, and anxiety. They will also love all the attention and tender loving care. Not only will you feel instantly better, you will also strengthen your bond with your cat or dog.

Change your sheets

Happiness is lying in bed, feeling the soft fabric on your skin, and smelling the fresh and clean smell of the sheets. It invites you to lounge around and do everything in bed, like watch TV, read a book, listen to music, or catch a few z’s.

Take a nap

Allowing your body to take a few hours of sleep in the middle of the day is one of the best ways you can take care of yourself. You will wake up recharged and refreshed, with a clear head and a lot of energy to do other things.

Do yoga

Breathing with intention can do wonders for your body, mind, and spirit. With every breath out, you are also releasing negative or needless thoughts.

And with every breath in, you are making space for new intentions that serve a higher and better purpose.

Breathe out the self-judgement and self-criticism and inhale body positivity and self-love.

Cook something you’ve never cooked before

This can be a few or a lot, depending on your cooking skills. Try making something that you already have ingredients for. It doesn’t need to be a fancy dish. Just cook something that you’ve been wanting to make your own version of.

Watch a funny or feel-good movie

When you dwell on the things that you’ve lost in this pandemic, it’s very easy to feel anxious, scared, or lonely. A comedy or feel-good movie can help lift the heaviness and turn a bad day around.

Watching movies that tug at the heartstrings or make your belly ache from laughing will definitely feel like a warm and loving hug. You will be reminded again of how wonderful life is.

Take a bike ride

Depending on where you live and what the current community quarantine protocols are, you can still go out on a solo or group bike ride with a social distance spin.

Get those endorphins going while also getting some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Stretch under the sun

Sun exposure is good for you, if you do it safely. Sunshine has a happy effect on a person aside from vitamin D nourishment.

It can help improve your circadian rhythm by producing melatonin, allowing your body to quickly recognize when it’s night and time to sleep already. Just 20 to 30 minutes of sun exposure is all you need every day, but make sure to lather up with sunscreen.

Organize your photos

Ever had those days when you’re just browsing through old photos, and then when you look up and check the time, a good three hours have passed already?

Not only will organizing photos keep you busy, it will also make you happy looking back on the memories with friends and family.

Read a book

Research shows that it only takes 6 minutes of reading to relax your heart rate and muscles. You don’t even have to read something deep or lengthy. As long as you like what you’re reading, you’re good.

Just like our body needs regular physical activities, our brain also needs regular intellectual activity, and the easiest way to do that is by reading.

Write on your gratitude journal

A gratitude journal can help shift your mindset. Write down everything or everyone you’re grateful for. The entries in your gratitude journal will remind you of all the blessings in your life. Do this whenever you’re having a rough or bad day.

Have a long and relaxing bath/shower

Make it extra special by playing your favorite relaxing music on your waterproof bluetooth speakers. Light a scented candle and add some bath salts or bath bombs. If you don’t have a bath tub, that’s okay, too. Just let the hot water wash the stress away. Use a brand new scrub or sponge with your favorite body wash.

Watch online tutorials and try them

Whether it’s a tutorial on how to groom your eyebrows or how to install hanging bookshelves, teach yourself something new.

Nothing beats the sense of accomplishment when you sort out something without having to pay someone or asking someone for help!

Talk to your friends or family

Having a good chat with your best friend or your siblings can instantly lift the weight that’s pressing in your heart. There’s no better person to make you laugh, support you when you’re feeling unsure, or commiserate with you when you’re feeling down. So dial that number and just have a nice, long chat!

Be solitary

A lot of people get uncomfortable or feel afraid at the thought of being alone. After all, we’re wired to be in relationships in our personal and professional lives.

But solitude is crucial for our mental and emotional wellness. It teaches us to be comfortable and content in peace, quiet, and stillness.

Our relationship with ourselves is a relationship that we will always have, so have regular alone time and find happiness in solitude.


Ready to try these self-care suggestions? Which one will be the first on your list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!