Five Great Business Ideas for Full-time Employees

Five Great Business Ideas for Full-time Employees

Who says you can’t work a full-time job and earn a little money on the side? Lots of people run a small side business to get a bit of extra income.

Here are some business ideas for you to try that won’t interfere with what you do full-time.

1. A catering business

Regular employees start work in the morning, and many of them don’t find time to prepare breakfast before they begin work.

Now this is an amazing opportunity for a side business. Try making a breakfast menu for your friends in the workplace. Offer them congee porridge, fried rice, or other popular simple breakfasts.

And why just go for breakfast? How about whipping up a formal lunch menu for them too? Now it’s very important to make sure the food you sell tastes pretty good, after all, you want your friends in the workplace to become your happy and regular customers, right?

2. Sell pre-paid mobile phone credit and data quota.

These days everybody uses smartphones connected to the internet, and they will always need pre-paid phone credit and internet data quota.

You get the idea. This is another great side business for you to try if you work full-time. You really don’t need much to sell mobile data quota. Just deposit enough pre-paid credit in your own phone and resell to your friends.

A lot of operators sell mobile phone credit and data for cheap through some mobile apps. How about offering some to your friends in the office?

The great thing about this business is, the only piece of equipment you’ll really need is your own smart phone and the available applications.

3. An MLM business

A lot of people see multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses in a bad light. But not all of them are really that bad, mind you.

There are a lot of really trusted MLM products out there, and these can really help you earn extra income. Some of these are beauty products from brands such as Jafra, Sophie Martin, and Oriflame.

You can sell these MLM products to your office friends without having this interfere with your work. You could even expand further if it proves successful by opening an MLM business in your own neighbourhood.

4. Online shop

Online businesses are a booming trend. And it’s no surprise seeing many stores close down because of the rise in online shops.

Now, instead of just buying things online, how about trying to open your own online shop? There are really a lot of business ideas out there, and quite frankly lots of things you can sell online.

What about starting an online shop selling kid’s wear or various types of food? Now, if you don’t want to spend anything at first, how about being a reseller or a dropshipper for other people’s products? All you really need here is a social media account like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to help you promote the product you want to sell as well as a quick and easy to set-up website like those you can create through Shopify. 

5. A seasonal trader

Holidays and weekends are simply perfect for a side business.

If you have a large car, you can use it to sell products by opening a mobile stall in nearby market areas. This is a rising trend in some temporary/seasonal marketplaces.

Sellers set up temporary markets and stalls in wide and open outdoor places where people show up for sports activities and exercise over the weekends. Why not try to fill up your weekends and earn a little extra money this way?


You can find a lot of ideas for a side business if you’re creative (or simply by borrowing some from other businesses).  It isn’t always necessary to start with a really spectacular and original business idea, you know.

Try opening a business in an area where you feel comfortable with your budget, resources and energy. It’s not the size of the business that counts – the important thing is that you get the extra income. And who knows? Your business could really grow, right? Now get out there are give it a go!