How to Apply for a Job: 4 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

How to Apply for a Job: 4 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

There are many ways to apply for a job. However, knowing and avoiding the common mistakes most job hunters make can drastically improve your chances of landing your dream gig.

Today’s job market is highly competitive and landing a good job is now harder than ever before. Do you know that graduating with a bachelor’s degree won’t promise you a job right after graduation? 

On average, it can take approximately 7.4 months of full-time job-hunting to get a job.

It all falls down to the application process. Most people make it a habit to focus on the job interview. But, they don’t take into consideration other crucial factors that can affect their application. Despite having all the qualifications, some applicants wonder why they don’t get contacted.

To help you out, here are the biggest mistakes you might want to avoid in looking for the perfect job.

1.    Using a Generic Cover Letter

how to apply for a job

As the famous adage goes, first impressions last. Hence, you should make a good impression, and potential employees see this in your cover letter.

Though it may seem like a very tedious task, writing an individualized cover letter is a good idea to get an employer’s attention. It would seem as if you’re really talking to him or her.

More importantly, ditch the usual cover letters and create something unique. Tell them your skills and why you stand out from the other applicants. Make sure you tailor the details for the job you’re applying for. This means that you’re interested and eager to work for the company, not just applying for the sake of getting a job or earning money.

2.    Not Following Instructions

how to apply for a job

Most employers look at how the applicants follow simple instructions. The application process itself may have directions to test the applicants. Knowing if the applicant can follow orders is important to test if he or she has a keen eye for detail.

Take your time and double check that you’ve followed the instructions, otherwise you run the risk of your application never even being seen. This happens in high-volume applicant scenarios.

3.    Having Lots of Spelling and Grammatical Errors

how to apply for a jobEmployers will evaluate you on your linguistic skills (both written and verbal). If you’re looking for a position, impress the hiring managers with your perfect resume and cover letter. Furthermore, check your grammar and spelling thoroughly to avoid errors.

4.     Focus on your CV or Resume

how to apply for a job

Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds on a CV. It is essential to customize your CV for each job application. Each company will show interest in various aspects of your past work experiences.

It is important to keep the resume simple, organized, and easy to read and understand. Demonstrating your performance using measurable metrics (e.g. sales, people successfully managed, or clients won) is another factor that most employers look at. Those will give the reader a fast and clear picture of the candidate’s capabilities.

Applying for a job is always challenging and requires good preparation and self-confidence. Whilst cover letters and resumes are the start of the journey – ensuring these are accurate and well-crafted is already half the battle.

We hope these tips on how to apply for a job will help you in landing a good and enjoyable career. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!