9 Ways On How To Earn Money Online: Online Job Websites To Try!

9 Ways On How To Earn Money Online: Online Job Websites To Try!

In recent years, the world has witnessed drastic changes in terms of technology. The once laid-back country of the Philippines has now evolved into a digitally-able nation. In fact, the country has now a total of 67 million internet users.

That’s why, when it comes to earning money online, the Philippines is a country who provides quality service to employers. Online workers are multiplying by the minute and the country is third in the world when it comes to online freelancing (next to the United States and India) with approximately 1.5 million freelancers.  

There are many legitimate ways of earning good money online. It requires a lot of work and self-discipline, but the good thing is, earning money through the web means you can work from home without the hassle of commuting to the office. So, what kinds of jobs can you get online? We’ve put together a list of the most common.

Website Development



how to earn money online

The internet is a competitive market and many business owners clamor to give the best to their customers. One of the most important ways to do so is to have a high-quality website. Website development is not new, but today, it’s one of the best ways to earn good money online.

There are more than 1.3 billion websites worldwide and over 3.81 billion internet users spanning the globe. Hence, having a good online presence is essential. The demand for website development services is increasing, so this is one area of opportunity worth exploiting.

On average, website developers in the Philippines earn less than those from other countries. But, with the right network, you can earn more. In some cases, website developers source out work to the Philippines from other countries like the United States, UK, and Australia for higher payments. The average salary of website developers ranges from 26,198 PHP to 76,000 PHP per month.

Online ESL Tutoring



how to earn money onlineFilipinos are good English speakers, and as a result, there are a high number of online ESL tutors operating in the Philippines.

Other countries in Asia, such as Japan, China, and South Korea hire online Filipino English tutors. An online English tutor in the Philippines earns an average of 108 to 125 PHP per hour.

Freelance Writing



how to earn money onlineFilipinos’ grasp of the English language can also be applied to writing. The Philippines is one of the best sources in Asia if you want high-quality English articles covering a wide range of topics.

Statistics say that content writing or freelance writing is the second most popular type (13%) of online work in the Philippines, next to virtual assistant gigs (25%). Subsequently, content writers provide articles or write-ups for white papers, blogs, reviews, e-commerce websites, online news platforms, and other mediums. The average pay for a 500-word article ranges from 1,300 to 1,400 PHP.

Audio Transcription Services



how to earn money onlineAudio transcription services are another popular source of online income in the Philippines. This is the process of transcribing audio files into text or word articles. Though there are many online transcription tools, hiring transcribers is still in demand since the results tend to be more accurate.

Transcription services in the Philippines have various niches, ranging from general to medical and legal audio files. The salary of a transcriptionist in the Philippines is 16,478 PHP per month on average but it can go as high as 40,000 PHP per month depending on the company and experience.

Customer Service Representative



how to earn money online

In the Philippines, call centers or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are still on the rise. Over the past 15 years, these companies have helped millions of Filipinos earn a living. But, with the emergence of online work or work-at-home jobs, some call center agents have ventured into the world of customer service representative jobs in the comfort of their own home.

Remote customer service jobs are just the same with BPO jobs – the only difference is the employee stays at home. You just need a computer and a stable internet connection, however, just like typical call center jobs, you may need to work night shifts depending on the time zone of the customers you cater to.

The salary ranges from 19,000 PHP to 30,000 PHP a month, which is roughly the same as a  regular call center.

Social Media Manager



how to earn money onlineBeing a social media manager is not as easy as it sounds. You need to manage social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities such as creating, curating, and publishing content. You may also need to read and respond to users’ comments and even report on the performance of your social media campaigns.

Filipinos are one of the most prolific users of social media across the globe. Hence, there has been a rise in the number of job posts for social media managers by businesses who are looking to increase their social presence. The average salary of a social media manager ranges from 19,000 PHP to 50,000 PHP a month.

Virtual Assistant Jobs



how to earn money onlineVirtual assistants usually focus on administrative tasks that are like those of an executive assistant, including responding to emails, managing calendars and making various travel bookings. However, unlike a traditional executive assistant, all of the work is done via the comfort of their own home. The average salary of a virtual assistant ranges from 150 PHP to 1,500 PHP per hour.




how to earn money onlineIf you are a good writer but you don’t want to be someone else’s employee, you can earn through blogging. There are many free-to-use blog sites and if you carve out a niche that interests people, you might be able to earn a decent amount of money. The best bit is you’re your own boss and all the earnings are yours to keep.

One of the most common ways bloggers make money is by adding advertisements on their website. On average, a blogger in the Philippines make about 5,000 PHP to 25,000 PHP per month, but in some cases, they can earn more, as much as 80,000 to 100,000 PHP a month, depending on the popularity of the blog.

E-Commerce Website



how to earn money onlineOver the past years, the e-commerce market soared, taking over bricks and mortar retail stores.

In the Philippines, shoppers’ total online spend was PHP 92.5 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach as much as PHP 185 billion in 2020.

As a result, getting involved in e-commerce is a highly competitive, but highly rewarding way to earn money provided you can make it work. You can sell your products in various online C2C marketplaces on the internet (e.g. eBay), but if you want to keep all the revenue, you can build your own e-commerce store. You may need to invest more time and money, but the profit is bigger.

Best Online Job Websites In The Philippines

So you now know what jobs there are, how do you actually land one? Here are three of the best online job portals in the Philippines.




how to earn money onlineEstablished in 2006, onlinejobs.ph is one of the best websites to look for freelance or online jobs. You need to register an account, fill out your details, input your desired salary, complete a series of tests to increase your chances of getting hired, and upload a resume. The best thing about this site is you don’t need to pay fees and you are directly contacted by the employer.




how to earn money onlineJust like onlinejobs.ph, you don’t need to pay a single cent to the website. You just create an account, upload your resume, fill out your details, and start applying for jobs. If you want your profile to be featured, Outsourcely gives you the option of paying $10 to give yourself a better chance of getting noticed.




how to earn money onlineFormerly known as Elance-oDesk, this global freelancing platform is a great site for finding legitimate, high-paying online jobs. You get to be connected to worldwide clients who pay you higher fees. The only catch is, the company is entitled to a certain percentage of your salary.  

Do you have more online jobs you would like to suggest? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.