Top 8 Websites to Find Workout Essentials & Gym Equipment (MoneySmart 2020)

Top 8 Websites to Find Workout Essentials & Gym Equipment (MoneySmart 2020)

It’s tempting to be a couch potato and binge watch Netflix shows during this quarantine period. While there’s nothing wrong with entertainment, your health and physical well-being are more important these days.

According to experts, people who are overweight are more susceptible to fatal conditions if they are infected by COVID-19. To strengthen your immune system, keep yourself active, and release those happy hormones, we have listed 10 websites where you can find and purchase workout essentials and gym equipment.


Decathlon online store

Decathlon online store has 5,000 products in its library, from sportswear to shoes and gym equipment. It offers free shipping for orders over P2,000.

There are many workout essentials and gym equipment to choose from, depending on your sport. They have stuff for bodybuilding, cross-training, circuit training, yoga, general cardio, and many more.

Decathlon brags on its affordable yet high-quality products. You can buy a pair of 0.5kg twin dumbbells for as low as P230. A typical essential bike costs around P6,400.

For payments, you can use a credit card or opt for COD for home delivery. Make sure you read the returns and shipping policies before checking out the items.

If you live near a Decathlon store, you can also pick up your items by selecting the Click and Collect for zero cost shipping.

Toby’s Sports

Tobys Sports online store

Toby’s Sports sells not just gym equipment and lockdown essentials, but also sportswear, shoes, and gym accessories. They also accept orders for contactless pick-up at their selected retail stores nationwide.

If you’re looking for cardio equipment, the brand has a variety of products, such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, spin bikes, and more. However, the prices are higher than Decathlon’s collection.

If you have a lean budget, you can start off with a core stepper that costs about P3,500. Meanwhile, if you want to splurge in a hardcore, motorized treadmill, the price ranges from P45,000 to P108,000.

Payment options for your items can be via credit cards with deferred payments and installment options. You may check out the ordering guidelines for more information.

Chris SportsChris Sports online store

Chris Sports online store features a variety of items, such as home gym equipment, resistance bands, yoga mats, and more. Like Decathlon and Toby’s Sports, they also offer home delivery, or you can pick up items at selected retail stores nationwide.

For your workout at home essentials, there are many options available, such as kettlebells, dumbbell sets with racks, and utility weight benches.

However, in terms of prices, you might need to spend more here. Their high-quality cardio equipment like motorized treadmills cost P18,000 up to P124,000. Meanwhile, their adjustable dumbbells cost P19,000.

For payments, you can do it via credit cards, bank deposits, or COD. You can check their return and shipping policies for more details.

JB Sports

JB sports online store

JB Sports online store features branded and OEM fitness equipment, gym and recovery workout accessories, sportswear, and more. The brand is more active on Lazada, where you can see other items that are not published on their official website.

The bestsellers on the site are treadmills and bikes, ranging from P22,000 to P189,000. You can find home workout essentials and soft gym accessories at their Lazada store. But Toby’s and Chris Sports have a more extensive range of products than JB Sports.

Overall, JB Sports sells limited items. But for beginners, you can score a magnetic treadmill for as low as P10,240, or an exercise bike for as little as P5,880 without the shipping fee.

For orders, you can either sign up as a new customer on the official website or buy on their Lazada flagship store.

SportsologySportsology online store

Sportsology has retail stores in Quezon City and Paranaque City. Although it’s not as big as Chris Sports or Toby’s, this sports house specializes in sports medicine, fitness equipment, and lifestyle accessories.

One of the store’s unique products is the impact percussion massage gun for your recovery sessions. Other than that, most of the items you’ll find are band kits, medicine balls, foam rollers, and other circuit training accessories.

Foam rollers are perfect for warm-ups and recovery sessions. You can buy one for as low as P1,899. And if you have more budget, the massage gun is a delightful treat worth P15,500.

You can fill in the order form on the site or visit the Lazada and Shopee flagship stores for more items.

Ensayo Gym Equipment

Ensayo online storeIf you’re planning to build a home gym in your garage, Ensayo Gym Equipment may have the items you’re looking for, whether it’s a squat rack, utility bench, or mounted pull-up bar.

The brand specializes in bespoke gym equipment, but you’ll also find dumbbells, kettlebells, and mats for home workouts.

Shop by category and you’ll find products for cross-training, strength training, and cardio exercises.

The official online store doesn’t display the prices, but you can visit its Lazada flagship store or follow the official Facebook page.

eCommerce stores: Lazada & Shopee

Lazada online store workout tools

Who can forget Lazada and Shopee for online shopping? These two eCommerce platforms can help you search for the best deals and lowest prices on home workout essentials.

The shops we mentioned above also have their Lazada and Shopee stores. However, the prices and shipping rates may be different from what’s listed on their online stores.

For newbies or beginners, you can buy a set of resistance bands starting at P300. You might find items being shipped from overseas, so make sure to check buyer reviews before checking out the items.

Facebook Marketplace

Lazada online store workout tools

We included Facebook Marketplace, but only if you do your homework and check for registered sellers and resellers.

You can find a ton of Facebook groups to buy and sell gym equipment from, both brand new and previously owned.

However, it’s best to transact with legitimate stores like the ones mentioned above. If you find some really great deals, you can arrange a meet-up or video call first to inspect the item before making your payment.


We hope this list helps you with your search for the best deals on your home workout essentials.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can try online bartering where you won’t need to shell out money. Just be careful with transacting with strangers. But you might be lucky enough to score slightly used equipment that people are not using anymore.

Let us know what you think of our list and share how much money you’ve saved on deals!