BDO Gold UnionPay – MoneySmart Review 2019

BDO Gold UnionPay – MoneySmart Review 2019

The BDO Gold UnionPay is a good credit card to have for all your spending in China and in other major cities in Asia.

If you frequent these places and do a lot of shopping, dining, and sightseeing, this credit card is something that you should consider.

Here’s what you need to know about the BDO Gold UnionPay credit card.

BDO Gold UnionPay at a Glance

Principal Card Annual Fee Free on the first 3 years

2,400 PHP / year

First Supplementary Card Annual Fee Free for life
Succeeding Supplementary Cards Annual Fee Free on the first 3 years

1,200 PHP / year

Monthly Finance Charge 3.25%
Late Payment Fee 7% of the overdue amount
Cash Advance Fee 5% of withdrawn amount of 500 PHP, whichever is higher
Foreign Currency Conversion 1% assessment fee and 1.5% service charge of converted amount
Installment Processing Fee 5% of total remaining balance or 300 PHP, whichever is higher
Minimum Income Requirement 420,000 PHP
Card Association UnionPay

What can you enjoy with your BDO Gold UnionPay?

Credit Card Points Redemption Program

With your BDO Gold UnionPay, earn 1 point for every 50 PHP you spend in the Philippines and for every 1 USD you spend abroad.

With its credit card points redemption program, you can exchange your points for dining or hotel vouchers, gift certificates, or airline miles, just to name a few.

Free Travel Insurance

When you charge your travel expenses to your BDO Gold UnionPay, you will receive a free comprehensive travel insurance with coverage of up to 5 million PHP.

This covers flight delays or cancellations, loss or damage to your baggage, and medical expense reimbursements.

Free Annual Fees

If you wish to get your family members their own supplementary cards, the first supplementary card will get free annual fee for life.

The next four supplementary cards that you will apply for will enjoy free membership for the first three years.

But when you spend at least 300,000 PHP per year for the succeeding years, the annual membership will be automatically waived.


Receive up to 30% discount at different participating stores with u•plan.

Just download the BDO Deals app, generate a u•plan electronic coupon, and present it when you check out at participating merchants overseas.

Click on this link to learn more about it.

Exclusive UnionPay Offers and Promotions

Earn rebates when you spend during the Chinese New Year week. You also get rewarded for your overseas spending and enjoy exclusive offers and discounts at different airports, hotels, and restaurants worldwide.

Dual Currency Billing

Enjoy the convenience of paying your local transactions in Philippine Peso and your international transactions in currencies other than PHP.

Enrollment is required to avail of this feature. Click the link to fill out the online dual currency form.

What can you redeem with your BDO Gold UnionPay?

If you have saved enough points from all your credit card spending, here are just some of the items that you can redeem from the Redemption Program.

Item Description Regular Points Required
Annual Fee Waivers

  • Gold Principal
  • Gold Supplementary
  • 5,500
  • 2,750
  • 500 BDO Rewards Points
  • SM Advantage / Prestige Points
  • 4,775
Air Miles

  • 250 Asia Miles
  • 250 Mabuhay Miles
  • 250 GetGo Points
  • 1,250
  • 1,250
  • 750
eGift Certificates

  • 500 PHP eGC Credits
  • 4,500
500 PHP Gift Certificates

  • SM Gift Card
  • SM Gift Pass
  • Sodexo Premium Pass
  • Robinson Gift Certificate
  • Rustan’s Gift Certificate
  • Landmark Gift Certificate
  • Abenson Gift Certificate
  • Anson’s Gift Certificate
  • Mercury Drug
  • Raintree Group
  • Shell Fuel Voucher
  • Globe Prepaid Card
  • Smart Prepaid Card
  • 4,775
  • 1,000 PHP S&R Gift Certificate
  • 1,000 The Bistro Group Gift Certificate
  • 8,385
  • Vikings Weekend Buffet Voucher
  • 11,100

What are the current promotions that you can avail with your BDO Gold UnionPay?

Check out some of the promotions that cardholders of BDO Gold UnionPay can avail of today.

Promotion  Mechanics
15% discount at Hertz

  • Valid until October 15, 2019
  • 15% discount for Davao and Cebu transactions
  • 5% discount for Manila and Cebu transactions
  • Valid for walk-ins and pay-on-arrival reservations
50% discount at Peking Garden, Greenbelt 5, Makati

  • Valid until September 20, 2019 (weekdays)
  • Valid for a la carte dine-in transactions from Monday to Friday only
  • Lunch from 11:30 am to 2 pm / Dinner from 6 pm to 10 pm
  • Minimum of 5,000 PHP and maximum of 10,000 total food bill
Up to 30 USD savings on
Taste your way through the best of Cantonese and Shanghai cuisine

  • Valid until November 20, 2019
  • Enjoy CNY100 discount when you spend CNY500 on participating restaurants, like Jade Garden, Tak Yong, Fortune Restaurant, House of Shuhe, and more
Up to 20% discount on dining, shopping, hotel bookings, and car rental 

  • Promo period until March 31, 2020
  • Valid for transactions at participating merchants in the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, US, Europe etc.
Exclusive discounts at participating merchants in Japan

  • Valid until December 31, 2019
  • 5% off at BIC Camera

What are the requirements to apply for a BDO Gold UnionPay?

Here are the eligibility criteria for this credit card.

These are the documentary requirements for the BDO Gold UnionPay for new credit cardholders, existing cardholders, and foreigner applicants:



Image screenshots from BDO as of August 31, 2019

Click the link to fill out the BDO Gold UnionPay credit card online application form.

Should you get the BDO Gold UnionPay?

Yes, it’s a great credit card for Filipinos, especially Chinese Filipinos who travel frequently to China and to other cities in Asia. It offers a host of perks and privileges that any wise or luxurious spender will appreciate.

The Dual Currency Billing is a great feature, so you don’t need to worry about foreign currency conversions when you’re shopping or dining abroad. .

The free travel insurance coverage also gives you protection and peace of mind whichever country you may be at the moment.

But this is one of BDO’s premium credit cards. The income requirements are higher, and the annual fee is also not that cheap.

The good thing is that your first supplementary cardholder will not pay for any annual fees, and all the credit card points you will be earning don’t expire.


Is the BDO Gold UnionPay something that you might get in the future? Share us your thoughts by leaving us a comment below!