Best Grocery Credit Cards for SM, Robinsons, Landmark, and Rustans (2019)

Best Grocery Credit Cards for SM, Robinsons, Landmark, and Rustans (2019)

When you shop using the best grocery credit cards, you can actually save a lot of money. Know which credit cards you should have when shopping at supermarkets like SM Supermarket, Robinsons, Landmark, and Rustans to get the best deals and the biggest rebates or discounts. Here are some of them:

Credit Card Annual Fee / Monthly Interest / Monthly Income Requirement Best Feature
Robinsons Classic Mastercard
  • 2,000 PHP / year
  • 3.54% interest
  • 15,000 PHP / month
  • 2x Shopping Points when you shop at Robinsons Supermarket or Robinsons Department Store
Landmark Anson’s-RCBC Bankard Mastercard
  • 960 PHP / year
  • 3.5% interest
  • 19,000 PHP / month
  • 5% rebate at Landmark Supermarket, Landmark Department Store, Anson’s
BDO ShopMore Mastercard
  • 1,500 PHP / year
  • 3.5% interest
  • 15,000 PHP / month
  • 1 reward point for every 200 PHP spend when you shop at SM Retail affiliates
  • free SM Advantage Card
Citi Cash Back Card
  • 3,500 PHP / year
  • 3.5% interest
  • 20,800 PHP / month
  • Non-expiring cashback
EastWest Bank EveryDay Card
  • 2,800 PHP / year
  • 3.5% interest
  • 40,000 PHP / month
  • 5% cash rebate on groceries, fuel, or drugstore transactions with a minimum of 10,000 PHP spend

Robinsons Classic Mastercard

If you like to do your grocery shopping at Robinsons supermarkets or shop for your essentials at Robinsons department stores, you can earn double Shopping Points for every 200 PHP you spend.

You also earn one Shopping Point for all other expenses elsewhere. This makes it a great credit card for everyday shopping.

Aside from the reward points that you will earn, you can also receive up to 10% rebate during Robinsons payday weekend sales.

If you want to purchase a new appliance or furniture, you can charge it to your Robinsons Classic Mastercard at 0% interest.

You are eligible for this credit card if you are earning at least 15,000 PHP monthly. Annual fees are waived on the first year, and it will be 2,000 PHP yearly after that.

Landmark Anson’s-RCBC Bankard Mastercard

It’s the perfect credit card for the wise shopper who wants to maximise its benefits and earn points or rewards while spending.

The great thing about this credit card is that it’s also a loyalty and discount card.

If you frequently do your grocery shopping at Landmark Supermarket, you can enjoy a 5% rebate on your grocery spending. You can also enjoy a 5% rebate when you shop at Anson’s and Landmark Department Store.

But make sure that they’re straight-charge transactions made only from Monday to Friday for the rebate to be reflected on your statement.

To enjoy the 5% rebate in Ansons, a single-receipt transaction not exceeding 3,000 PHP is required. Purchases are also limited to small kitchen and home appliances only.

With this credit card, you also earn 1 reward point for every 50 PHP you spend at Landmark Supermarket and Landmark Department Store.

For Ansons purchases and all other transactions elsewhere, you earn 1 reward point for every 83.33 PHP you spend.

When you’re ready to redeem your reward points, you can choose from air miles, cash rebates, shopping vouchers, cash credits to your credit card, manager’s checks, or donations.

Your reward points have no limits or caps, and they will also never expire.

BDO ShopMore Mastercard

The more you shop with your BDO ShopMore Mastercard, the more discounts, privileges, and rewards you will receive. If you’re looking for a credit card with great shopping value, this credit card is it.

It also comes with a free SM Advantage Card. Shop at any SM Retail Affiliates, such as The SM Store, SM Supermarket, Savemore Market, SM Hypermarket, ACE Hardware Philippines, SM Home, and Toy Kingdom to earn 1 reward point for every 200 PHP you spend.

You can also shop at Waltermart Supermarket, Alfamart, and Mindpro Supermarket with your BDO ShopMore Mastercard and earn 1 reward point for every 400 PHP you spend.

There’s also an additional .0.5 point apart from the points that you regularly earn in your SM Advantage Card.

If you do your shopping during SM’s 3-Day Sale, you are also entitled to a 5% rebate when you spend at least 5,000 PHP.

Schedule your shopping during the first 2 hours on the first day of the sale to enjoy an additional 10% discount.

For non-grocery purchases, like home appliances, home furniture, jewelry, or electronics, you can avail of the EasyPay Installment plans. You can pay up to 36 monthly installments with zero interest, depending on the item or the merchant.

There are over 10,000 partner stores in the Philippines, so you will have no problems availing of this installment option.

You can enroll for installment payment for both single and accumulated purchases amounting to 3,000 PHP.

Citi Cash Back Card

If you’re looking for a credit card that you can conveniently use for grocery shopping and give you cash back, check out the Citi Cash Back credit card.

You can get as much as 6% rebate on your supermarket spending and 0.20% cash back on all other spending with a minimum spend of 10,000 PHP per month. There is a rebate cap of 1,000 per month.

But the great thing is that your cashback never expires, so you can choose when you want to spend it.

For new cardholders, there’s a 5,000 PHP SM Gift Pass Welcome eGift waiting for you. This is if you apply for Citi Cash Back credit card until October 31, 2019 and spend at least 20,000 PHP within the first 60 days from card receipt.

EastWest Bank EveryDay Card

This is another credit card that you can use for groceries or everyday spending. Earn as much as 5% cash rebate when you spend on groceries, gas, or drugstore items.

Any spend amount that’s more than 10,000 PHP gives you a 5% rebate, while spend amount between 5,000 PHP to 10,000 PHP gives you a 3% rebate. Any spend amount lower than 5,000 PHP gives you a 0.5% rebate.

You don’t need to redeem your rebates because they automatically get credited to your account once you earn 200 PHP worth of them.


If groceries take the biggest chunk out of your monthly budget, it pays to have a credit card that will reward you with gifts, discounts, or rebates whenever you use it for shopping. You can take your pick from the credit cards mentioned above, or you can go with another credit card that will give you rewards or rebates regardless of where you shop.

The important thing is that you avail of the benefits without the hassle and that you meet the spending requirement without going over your budget.

Do you already own any of the credit cards mentioned above? Are you currently shopping for one? Which card do you think is the most suitable for you?