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tips on buying condo in the philippines
8 Tips on Buying a Condo in the Philippines: A First-Timer’s Guide
A Facebook ad on your feed promises a zero downpayment option and a monthly amortization of ₱15,000 for ...
30 November 2023
signs you are financially ready to buy a home in the philippines
8 Signs You Are Financially Ready to Buy a Home
Are you tired of renting a place and dreaming of owning a home? Whether it’s a house or a condominium unit, ...
3 October 2023
pag-ibig or bank loan which is better
PAG-IBIG vs Bank Loan – Which Is Better? 4 Things to Know Before You Commit
Planning to purchase your ultimate dream home? Choosing the right housing loan could be a dilemma as financing ...
5 April 2023
Maybank Home Loan Review MaxiHomes Loans
Maybank Home Loans Philippines Review 2020 – Which Mortgage to Choose from MaxiHome Loans
Buying your dream home is a major financial commitment. If you can pay for it in cash, congratulations! ...
28 February 2020
BPI Home Loan Philippines Review 2020 – Comparing the Most Affordable Home Loan Rates from BPI
BPI Home Loan Philippines Review 2020 – Comparing the Most Affordable Home Loan Rates from BPI
Are you looking for flexible payment terms and low rates for your home loan? If you plan to build your ...
27 February 2020
property loans in the philippines
Home Loans in the Philippines – The Complete Guide to Property Loans
Are you ready for a huge financial commitment this year? This guide will help you navigate the process ...
30 May 2019
how to invest in a condominium in the philippines
How to Invest in a Condominium in the Philippines
Thinking how to grow your hard-earned money? Investing in properties is one of the wisest ways to create ...
20 May 2019
selecting the right real estate broker in the philippines
Selecting the Right Real Estate Broker in the Philippines
If you’re going to meet a potential real estate broker, it’s important that you pay attention – you’re ...
7 May 2019