5 Best Credit Cards for Dining in the Philippines (2019)

best credit cards for dining in the philippines

Eating is part of Filipino culture. It’s not just about savouring the food but eating together – your dining experience wouldn’t be complete without your friends and family.

So, whether you just recently got promoted at work, received a huge commission, or you want to celebrate a family milestone, make sure you get the most of your credit card to earn points, rewards, and rebates whilst you dine.

Here’s a list of credit cards for dining that won’t just fill your tummy when you pay, but also give incentives and rebates throughout the year for dinner dates, happy hour treats, beers, and buffets!

Credit Card Effective Monthly Interest Rate / Annual Fee of Card Perks & Discounts
LJC RCBC Bankard Mastercard 3.5%


Redeemable dinner vouchers from the rewards program

10% discount all year round in LJC restaurants

Birthday discount of 50% for (2) pax

Bank of Commerce Mastercard Classic 3.25%


5x rewards points for shopping and dining

Annual fee, waived for the first year

Redeemable gift certificates from the rewards program

BPI Amore Visa 3.50%


4% rebate for every P1,000 at BPI-affiliated Ayala Malls

Maximum of P15,000 worth of rebates per calendar year

Redeemable gift certificates from the rewards program

HSBC Gold Visa 3.5%


5% cash back on dining transactions

Annual fee waived for the first year

BDO Gold Visa 3.25%


2x points for dining and shopping

Up to 50% off on dining at partner restaurants

Rebates promo for dining, shopping, and online purchases local and abroad

LJC RCBC Bankard Mastercard

A free bottle of wine as a welcome gift can set the mood after dinner. The caveat is that you can claim your voucher of a bottle of wine in any of the LJC-affiliated restaurants when you settle your bill.

You also enjoy a 10% discount all year round when you dine at any LJC restaurants:

  • Cafe Adriatico
  • Cafe Havana
  • Abe “Where Good Friends Dine”
  • Fely J’s
  • Larry’s Cafe Bar
  • Abe’s Farm
  • Bistro Remedios
  • Lorenzo’s Way

Dine at any LJC restaurants when you celebrate your birth month and enjoy a one-person discount on your total bill.

Compared to other credit cards, LJC RCBC Bankard will give you 1 rewards point for every P100 spend, which is quite high. Still, the points don’t expire and you can claim gift certificates. On the other hand, this card has one of the lowest annual fees on this list.

Bank of Commerce Mastercard Classic

There’s a reward for every expense. That’s how this credit card works not just in dining transactions, but you can also charge your utilities, fuel, and instalment purchases to earn more points.

Fast food establishments, restaurants and other eating places both here and abroad can earn you 5 rewards points for P25 as a Classic card holder.

You can earn the 5x rewards points as long as the restaurants and establishments have the merchant category code 5812 & 5814.

Curious as to where you can use this card and where you can exchange your points for gift certificates:

  • Red Ribbon P500 GC – 11,034 points
  • Pancake House P500 GC – 11,034 points
  • Jollibee P500 GC – 11,034 points
  • Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf P500 GC – 11,034 points
  • Starbucks P500 GC – 11,034 points
  • Greenwich P500 GC – 11,034 points
  • Gerry’s Grill P1,000 GC – 19,115 points

You can also browse the Rewards catalogue for further info.

For starters, you’ll receive a free watch as a welcome gift. Now that you have a card to manage your expenses, you also get a free watch to manage your time. But of course, this is only for new cardholders who applied and were issued from now until August 31, 2019.

A minimum spend required of P5,000 for the Classic card is equivalent to P2,500 worth of gift certificates. You can claim your watch at any Watch Republic, Timex, Meridian and Nixon stores nationwide.

BPI Amore Visa

This credit card serves as a shopping buddy, especially at Ayala Malls. You get 4% rebates at BPI-affiliated restaurants and establishments at Ayala Malls.

The BPI Amore Visa is also ideal for new credit card applicants as the minimum annual income requirement is P180,000. If you’re always hanging out in Ayala Malls, you can take advantage of the other perks of this card; like a 5% discount on Ayala cinema tickets.

Once you accumulate your points, you can claim dining treats via Real Thrill Rewards.

You can claim the following gift certificates:

  • P300 worth of Bono Gelato – 4,400 points
  • P500 worth of J.CO – P6,700 points
  • P700 worth of Starbucks – 9,000 points
  • P1,000 Makati Shangri-la – 12,500 points
  • P1,000 Burgo – 12,500 points
  • P1,000 Bistro Wide restaurants (Italianni’s, T.G.I.Fridays etc,) – 12,500 points

For more info, you can browse the Real Thrills Rewards catalogue.

If you use your Amore Visa card for a minimum single receipt of P3,000 or P25,000 instalment spend, you’re qualified to receive Jollibee treats.

From dining perks to J.CO doughnuts and Starbucks gift certificates to free Jollibee treats, this credit card is worth the keep for the young professional.

HSBC Gold Visa

As a cash back credit card, the HSBC Gold Visa offers one of the highest rates for cash back on dining transactions at 5%.

If you’re going to use this for dinners and buffets all year round, the maximum cap for the cash back you can earn is P1,200 per calendar month.

If you use this card for dining and shopping, you can earn 3x rewards points. These points can be exchanged for merchandise, gift certificates or waived annual fees.

Check the Gold Visa Rewards catalogue for more info.

If you apply for a new credit card online, you can choose your welcome gift as either free annual fees for life or free dining e-gift certificates worth P1,500.

Our recommendation would be to waive the annual fee – you can still get your GCs when from your rewards, right?

BDO Gold Visa

What can you get from this card aside from the 2x rewards points when you use it for dining and entertainment?

Well, you can also have your first-year annual fee waived or it can be for life, too. Note, you’re only eligible for the latter if you’re going to spend at least P300,000 per year.

The card offers up to 50% off dining exclusives with their restaurant partners. And if you’re travelling overseas, you can use the Dual Currency Option so you can pay the exact amount in dollars.

This card is for keeps if you’re also a frequent traveller and you want to save a few pesos from the currency exchange.

For your accumulated rewards points, check out the Rewards Catalogue for food GCs.

If you’re looking for promos, this credit card is qualified for the following (from now until July 31, 2019)

  • Shop your favourite booze at Boozy and get 10% off for a minimum spend of P2,000
  • Free P100 Max’s GC for a minimum spend of P3,000

Life isn’t complete without dining and entertainment. Just make sure that you also save money aside from spending it all to buffets, coffees, milk teas, and more milk teas.

Which of the credit cards above suits your taste?