7 Best Shopping Credit Cards in the Philippines (2019)

best shopping credit cards in the philippines

Do you look forward to SM’s 3-day sale? Do you stop by and “window shop” at Uniqlo but at the end up walking away with your hands full of items? Do your pupils dilate whenever you see the red tags at Forever 21, H&M or Mango?

If the answer is “Yes!” then you’re a certified shopaholic! Fortunately for you, there’s a better way to save money and enjoy discounts if you choose the right shopping credit cards based on your spending habits and where you shop.

Before your next shopping spree, make sure you check these credit cards recommendations. You’ll earn points, cash rebates, and discounts every time you use your card.

The following are entry-level credit cards that have a low minimum annual income requirement. So, if you’re planning to apply for a new credit card, make sure you’re eligible to qualify with supporting documents.

Let’s start exploring these cards.

7 best credit cards for shopping in the Philippines

Credit Card Shopping Benefits
HSBC Red Mastercard P20 = 1 bonus point; 4x on local and overseas shopping and dining
Bank of Commerce Mastercard Classic P25 = 1 point; 5x on shopping and dining with merchant partners
Citi Rewards Card P30 = 1 rewards point; 3x on shopping and dining
BPI Ayala Malls Amore Visa P35 = 1 rewards point; 3% rebate on accessories, clothing, leather goods, shoes; for every P1,000 spend = shopping at BPI-affiliated merchants in Ayala Malls
RCBC Landmark Anson’s Mastercard P50 = 1 rewards point; 5% rebate on Landmark Department Stores
EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium  P100 = 1 Dolce Vita charm; discount from 15-76% various wellness and skin clinics; 10% off on regular priced Yosi Samra shoes;
BDO ShopMore Mastercard P0.50 = for every P200 spend anywhere; Earn up to 5% cash rebates for min spend of P5,000 during SM’s 3-day sale; free SM Advantage card

HSBC Red Mastercard

HSBC Red Mastercard is a shopaholic’s delight that has a low minimum spend to earn 1 bonus point. Every P20 spend will earn you 1 bonus point, and that could be accelerated to 4x bonus points when you shop online and offline overseas, plus dining transactions.

Redeem your accumulated bonus points and enjoy items, gift certificates or convert them into air miles via Asia Miles, KrisFlyer, or Mabuhay Miles if you feel like you need a holiday getaway. This card is great for online and offline retailers.

Here’s the Rewards Catalogue and check those merchant partners.

Promo: If you apply from now until August 15, 2019, get the free for life annual fees for first-time HSBC credit card holders.

Bank of Commerce Classic Mastercard

Here’s another entry-level shopping credit card that offers 5x rewards points when you shop at any of the merchant partners. Every P25 spend will earn you 1 rewards point. This card is versatile and you can use it for your daily expenses, too.

Shop at Forever 21, Eye Sports, Facial Care Centres, Sport Central and more and you can enjoy the Instalment Plus program if you have a minimum spend of P3,000. You get a 0% interest payable in 3,6,9,12 months.

Your next flight via Cebu Pacific can be free if you redeem your rewards points in exchange of GetGo points for free flights.

If you like shopping for gadgets, home appliances and items for home improvement, and even for health and wellness, this card could be your shopping buddy.

Check out the Rewards Catalogue for more information.

Promo: if you apply from now until August 31, 2019, you get a P2,500 Watch gift certificate for a minimum spend of P5,000, whether single receipt or accumulated purchases using your Classic Mastercard

Citi Rewards Card

Citi Rewards is another shopaholic’s delight where first-time Citi cardholders receive welcome gifts and enjoy 3x rewards points for shopping and dining transactions. Every P30 spend will earn you 1 reward point.

The great thing is, there is no cap on the points you earn – nor do they expire. You redeem them for gift certificates, vouchers, flights or hotels.

Overall, Citi Rewards makes your shopping experience that much more rewarding as they have a heap of merchant partners to choose from. Not to mention, you can also use your points to pay at these approved merchants.

Here’s a full review of Citi Rewards card and why it’s ideal for shopping.

BPI Ayala Malls Amore Visa

If Ayala Malls are your haven for shopping and dining, you won’t regret carrying this Amore Visa with you. Although there is no rewards points multiplier, this card offers rebates, depending on the spending categories.

Aside from the exclusive mall perks and privileges, you get 3% rebates for every P1,000 spend at BPI-affiliated establishments at Ayala Malls. Shop for accessories, leather goods, and clothing, and shoes, and make sure you swipe your card at counters that have BPI POS terminals.

If that’s not enough and you feel like you need a break, you can also convert your rewards points for air miles for free flights via GetGo Points, AirAsia Big Points, KrisFlyer Miles and PAL Mabuhay Miles.

You may also redeem your points for shopping credits valued at P100, P500 or P1,000.

RCBC Landmark Anson’s Mastercard

If you can’t get your eyes-off the seasonal sale and red tags at Landmark Department stores, supermarkets, and Anson’s, this credit card also serves as a discount card and loyalty card.

Every P50 spend will earn you 1 reward point at Landmark supermarkets and department stores, and Anson’s. You get 1 reward point for P83.33 for purchases outside these establishments.

You can exchange your points for Landmark gift certificates. Plus, if you shop Mondays to Fridays, you get 5% cash rebates at their exclusive stores, as long as you use your card for straight-charge transactions.

And for Anson’s purchases, you still get the 5% cash rebate, but this only applies to regular items and has a maximum spend of P3,000 for a straight payment transaction.

EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium

Say hello to every woman’s ultimate shopping buddy. The Dolce Vita Titanium is more than just a pink plastic card. It’s your gateway to discounts when shopping and for your pampering sessions at wellness and skin clinics.

Every P100 spend will earn you one (1) Dolce Vita Charm point. While there is no rewards points multiplier, it offers premium perks and privileges to merchant partners and establishments for you to “live the sweet life.”

Enjoy 0% interest on selected items with participating merchants like SM Department Stores, Asian Home Appliance, Switch, and others. You also get between 15% to 50% off at selected wellness and skin clinics.

Shopping is fun with the Dolce Vita Loves program. The program offers discounts from 15% to 20% when you shop for perfumes, bags, and make-up.

And if you’re running out of cash, you can withdraw up to 50% of your credit limit.

BDO ShopMore Mastercard

Love shopping at SM Department Stores? This credit card can offer you big benefits.

You also get a free SM Advantage card when you apply for this card, which you can use to earn even more points – regardless of whether you’re paying with card or cash.

Earn 0.50 peso point for every P200 spend and once you have accumulated points, you can use them to pay selected SM Advantage merchant partners. You can receive up to P10,000 rebates when you shop at The SM Store, participating SM Retail Affiliates, and partner retail brands.

Use the EasyPay instalment program for clothes and jewellery or gadgets at over 11,000 partner stores, and choose from 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months instalment with 0% interest for a minimum purchase of P3,000. The minimum purchase may vary from one merchant to another.

What do you think of these credit cards for shopping? Let us know what’s your favourite shopping credit card in the comments section below.