Best Credit Cards for Petron Fuel Rebates in the Philippines (2019)

Best Credit Cards for Petron Fuel Rebates in the Philippines (2019)

Petron is one of the biggest oil companies in the Philippines. As a motorist, it’s best to get a credit card that will maximise its benefits or rewards with every Petron purchase that you make.

Thankfully, there are quite a few credit cards that offer fuel rebates whenever you gas up. However, we have yet to find generous offers from these credit cards, like free fuel, apart from BPI’s welcome gift worth P200. But don’t worry — we will update this list from time to time!

Whether you’re a motorist, car owner, or passenger with plans of purchasing a vehicle soon, make sure to check out these credit cards that offer fuel rebates, discounts, and privileges.

Best credit cards for Petron fuel rebates Philippines 2019

Credit Card Rebates and Benefits
BPI Petron Mastercard
  • 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations nationwide
  • free P200 worth of fuel for newly approved cardholders
  • waived annual fee for the first year 
  • first supplementary cardholder’s annual fee is free for life
Metrobank Toyota Mastercard
  • 1 point for every P20 spend; double rewards point for every P20 at your preferred Toyota dealer
  • 10% discount on genuine accessories, parts, and services at all Toyota dealers
  • 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations
  • 24/7 roadside assistance 
Eastwest Bank Hyundai Mastercard
  • Up to 5% fuel rebates at any gasoline station nationwide
  • 10% discount on Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS), parts & labour, and selected accessories
  • P1,000 Hyundai voucher as a welcome gift

BPI Petron Mastercard

Take a look at what’s in store for you when you get this credit card.

The BPI Petron Mastercard offers 3% fuel rebates all year round. That’s approximately P1.50 of savings per litre. This card is also known as “The Practical Motorists Card” where you can get as much as a free full tank every year with its 3% rebate.

You need to play a little with the numbers, especially if you frequently drive long distances.

As per BPI’s sample computation, you can enjoy these rebates when you gas up with Petron XCS Plus (P47 / litre) and hit an average weekly consumption of 40 litres.

Here’s a sample computation to see how much you should be consuming every week:

(P47 x 40 litres = P1,880 + 12% VAT P225.60 = P2,105.60 weekly fuel consumption)

Using a straight computation, assuming that for 52 weeks, you’re going to refuel as much as P2,105.60 consistently:

(P2,105.60 x 52 weeks = P109,491.20 annual fuel expenses x 3% = P3,284.73 fuel rebate)

Based on this sample computation, it shows that this card can give you as much as one free full tank every year.

Please also note that it offers a maximum cap of P15,000 of fuel rebates per year.

Make sure you check the list of participating Petron stations and car-related merchants nationwide where you can enjoy these perks, rebates, and discounts.

Minimum annual income requirement: P180,000
Annual fee: P1,550 (waived for the first year)
Promo: P200 worth of free fuel for new cardholders
Monthly interest rate: 3.50%

Metrobank Toyota Mastercard

Here’s another credit card that offers not just fuel rebates but also perks and discounts as a Toyota car owner. It’s a rewards card too — so you earn 1 point for every P20 you spend.

You also get double rewards points for your purchases and transactions at your preferred Toyota dealer.

You get to enjoy 3% fuel rebates at more than 500 participating Petron stations nationwide as well.

Keep in mind that under the T&Cs of this credit card, the cap is P15,000 of fuel rebates per calendar year (it has the same rebate cap as BPI Petron Mastercard).

It’s important to plan and manage your fuel expenses to know how much you’ll receive in rebates. Take note that fuel purchases should only be for personal consumption.

(To all Grab drivers, whether part-time or full-time, who want to apply for this credit card, better read the T&Cs to see if this card can be beneficial for you). Metrobank has the right to exclude these transactions if the terms were violated.

You can also use your points to redeem air miles from PAL, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. Use this card together with your Petron Value Card and receive 24/7 roadside assistance as well.

Minimum annual income requirement: P180,000
Annual fee: P2.500 (waived for the first year)
Monthly interest rate: 3.54%

Eastwest Bank Hyundai Mastercard

This credit card does not offer exclusive rebates for just Petron customers. It provides a higher rebate percentage of 5% at any gasoline station in the Philippines.

5% fuel rebate? Not bad at all. But there’s always a catch. You need to meet the requirements and the minimum spend to be eligible for these rebates.

The maximum rebate you can earn each month is P1,000. These can be redeemed in the form of Hyundai vouchers or exchanged for Rustan’s gift certificates at Rustan’s Department stores.

You can also use your rebates as annual fee waivers or cash credits.

Check the T&Cs here to get a better idea how you can maximise your card.

For illustration purposes, let’s say your fuel consumption is about P10,000 (ideally 3-4 weeks of personal use) and is spent within a single statement date. You get P500 in rebates (P10,000 x 5% = P500).

Transactions that are not eligible for rebates can include but are not limited to instalment purchases, cash instalment loans, balance transfers, cash advances, and other fees or charges.

Ideally, you should be spending approximately P2,500 to P3000 per week within the period covered per statement date to enjoy that P500 fuel rebate. And again, all fuel purchases charged to this card should be for personal use only.

What about your other spending? You can get 0.50% rebate on other retail purchases at any merchant worldwide.

Minimum annual income requirement: Not disclosed
Annual fee: P2,000 (waived for the first year)
Monthly interest rate: 3.50%
Promo: Free P1,000 worth of Hyundai gift voucher for new cardholders

Other credit cards that offer Petron fuel rebates

You can explore these cashback credit cards that offer fuel rebates. But just like any cashback credit card, you also need to check the minimum spending requirement, the maximum cap, and the specific spending categories to enjoy the rebates.

EastWest Everyday Titanium Mastercard

It’s deemed as the “all-in-one cash rebate card,” and you can get up to 5% in cash rebates.

The more you spend on non-essential purchases (e.g. dining, shopping, hotel accommodations, and flights), together with your essential purchases (fuel, supermarket, and drugstore purchases), the more you get higher rebates.

Keep in mind that you’ll only earn 5% in cash rebates if you spend more than P10,000 on non-essentials and 3% if you spend between P5,000 and P10,000.

(Screen-grabbed from EastWest EveryDay Titanium Mastercard page)

Security Bank Complete Cashback

Earn 4% fuel rebate when you use this card at any participating Petron, Shell, Total, Caltex, and UniOil station nationwide.

There’s a P1,000 maximum cap for rebates, so make sure you check the T&Cs before you commit. Overall it’s not a bad offer for the 4% fuel rebate, (which is higher than what the BPI Petron and the Toyota Mastercard offer) right?

Which of these credit cards do you think will give you more savings and perks as a loyal Petron customer?