EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2020

EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2020

Are you ready for your life to get a lot sweeter? With the EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard, you can enjoy the most exciting deals and offers and get the sweetest rewards that are tailor made just for you. Learn more about it in this Moneysmart review.

EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard at a glance

Principal Card Annual Fee 2,000 PHP
First Supplementary Card Annual Fee 1,000 PHP
Monthly Finance Charge 2% starting November 3, 2020
Late Payment Fee 8% of minimum amount due
Cash Advance Fee 3% of cash advance amount or 600 PHP, whichever is higher
Foreign Currency Conversion 1.70%
Minimum Annual Income Requirement 300,000 PHP
Card Association Mastercard

What can you enjoy with your Dolce Vita Titanium card?

Dolce Vita Loves ― Get discounts and special offers from different shops and restaurants, as well as special offers and instalment deals from your favorite merchants.

Dolce Vita Cares ― Enjoy special discounts and privileges from partner health, beauty, and wellness merchants.

Dolce Vita Charms ― Earn 1 Charm with every 100 PHP you charge to your Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard. Redeem vouchers and eGift Rewards to buy merchandise or exchange for gift certificates from partner merchants. You can also donate it to charities or waive your annual fees.

Global acceptance ― Use your Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted. That’s 200 countries and over 30 million establishments worldwide.

Advanced contactless technology and 3D Secure― Your Dolce Vita credit card comes equipped with a smart chip and Mastercard PayPass for better card security and convenience. With every purchase in sites with the Mastercard SecureCode logo, you will first receive a One-Time Password before finalizing the transaction.

Philippine Peso billings and payments ― Whether you purchased it abroad or in the Philippines, you will be billed in Philippine Pesos.

Supplementary cards ― You can have up to 9 supplementary cardholders.

Other features

  • Easy payment terms
  • Cash advance of up to 50% your credit card limit
  • 0% merchant installment
  • Balance transfer
  • Convert big purchases to installments payable in 6 to 24 monthly payments
  • Insta-Cash Facility
  • Quick Bills Facility
  • Electronic statement of account
  • EastWest online banking
  • 24-hour customer service

What can you redeem from your Charms?

These are just some of the things that you can exchange your Charms for, depending on your likes or priorities.

Charms Required Product Description
610 200 PHP Dolce Vita Charms Voucher
1,520 500 PHP Dolce Vita Charms Voucher
3,035 1,000 PHP Dolce Vita Charms Voucher
6,065 2,000 PHP Dolce Vita Charms Voucher
1,520 500 PHP eGift Reward
3,035 1,000 PHP eGift Reward
6,065 2,000 PHP eGift Reward
760 250 PHP cash rebate
1,520 500 PHP cash rebate
760 250 PHP donation to Cribs, Caritas Manila, or World Vision
6,060 Annual membership fee waiver

100% principal = 2,000 PHP

3,030 Annual membership fee waiver

50% principal = 1,000 PHP

3,030 Annual membership fee waiver

100% supplementary = 1,000 PHP

1,515 Annual membership fee waiver

50% supplementary = 500 PHP

What are the requirements to apply for a Dolce Vita Titanium card?

These are the documentary requirements for principal card applicants:

  • Filled out credit card application form
  • Photocopy of 1 valid ID
  • Latest BIR / Form 2316
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Latest 3 months payslips

For the full list of requirements for self-employed or foreign applicants, you can check them here.

Should you get the Dolce Vita Titanium card?

If you like to pamper yourself in salons, spas, and health and wellness establishments, you will enjoy having this credit card for its many special perks and privileges. The Dolce Vita Titanium credit card is packed with great features and benefits that any woman (or man) will love.

You earn Charms with every 100 PHP you spend, and you can enroll as many as 9 family members as supplementary cardholders.

However, the minimum income requirement can be a little high for first jobbers or for those who are earning minimum wage. You can read about the best EastWest credit cards or the best credit cards for new credit cardholders to find more options and to help you decide.

Do you plan on getting a Dolce Vita Titanium card  for yourself? Which features or perks did you like most about it? Let us know in the comments!