6 Best Credit Cards for Fuel Rebates and Auto Services in the Philippines

best credit cards for fuel rebates in the Philippines

Paying in cash is common among Filipinos when refuelling the tank.

But as a motorist travelling in and out of Metro Manila, you’d consider paying using your credit card as long as you know how to maximise the rebates and discounts.

Knowing which credit cards offer fuel rebates and discounts on toll fees and car services can also help you manage your expenses all year-round.

If you’re planning to apply for a credit card, this could also help you decide which one to choose.

The big three oil companies in the Philippines are Caltex, Petron, and Shell. These oil companies are also participating merchants of local banks offering credit cards.

Pro tip: Did you know you can save more money when you refuel a full tank in free port zones such as Clark and Subic? Gasoline stations in these areas are exempted from VAT (Value Added Tax).

Credit Card Effective Monthly Interest Rate / Annual Fee of Card Perks & Discount
BPI Petron-BPI Mastercard 3.50% / P1,550 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations
Eastwest Hyundai Mastercard 3.50% / P2,000 5% fuel rebate at any gasoline station nationwide
BDO LausAutoGroup Mastercard 3.25% / P2,400 10 reward points for every P200 spend on fuel
HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card 3.50% P2,500 10% fuel rebate on the first transaction, and 3% after that at participating Caltex stations
Shell Citi Card 3.50% / P2,500 Up to 5% fuel rebate at participating Shell stations
Metrobank Toyota Mastercard 3.54% / P2,500 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations

Take note that fuel rebates are subject to minimum spends or requirements for each bank, and may change from the time that this was written.

BPI Petron Mastercard

Great news for principal cardholders. Aside from the low annual fee of this credit card, your first year is waived. As a welcome gift, you get P200 worth of fuel at participating Petron stations once you received your card.

When you use your card for refuelling, you get a 3% rebate, too. You can get a free full tank annually based on the 3% rebate, saving you almost P1.50 per litre.

This computation is based on a consumption of 40 litres per week, refuelling your tank with Petron XCS Plus, which cost around P47 per litre. Figures may vary, depending on the oil prices of Petron stations.

You can get a supplementary card for your family member and the annual fee is also waived for life.

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EastWest Hyundai Mastercard

This credit card offers fuel rebates of up to 5% and you can enjoy your full tank at any participating gasoline station nationwide. Shell, Petron, or Caltex, it’s your call.

You can also get as much as P1,000 worth of rebates, depending on your monthly transactions and can be redeemed as Hyundai vouchers. These vouchers can be used when you purchase or avail services at any authorised Hyundai dealers.

For Hyundai car users, you can maximise this card’s perks and discounts when you avail your PMS (Preventive Maintenance Service), parts and labour and selected accessories. Save money on car maintenance and get a 10% discount.

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BDO LausAutoGroup Mastercard

For every P200 spent on fuel, you earn 10 reward points equivalent to P10. You can use your accumulated points to any Laus Group of Companies (LGC) car dealers and the non-automotive services and establishments such as insurance and car accessory shops like Huper Optik, Voltronic, and Yokohama Dau among others.

The accumulated points have a rebate cap of P750 per month or P9,000 per year.

When you use this card, you also enjoy a 10 per cent discount on all LausAutoGroup dealership parts and services.

Enjoy 0% instalment option up to 12 months on insurance premiums for Corporate Guarantee & Insurance Company (CGIC) when you use this card to avail the service.

The annual fee is waived for the principal holder on its first year, and the supplementary cardholder gets to enjoy waived annual fee for life.

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HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back

As a welcome gift, you get 6% rebate on your first Caltex fuel purchase and then 3% rebate all year round. If you’re refuelling your tank in any Caltex station nationwide, this is the best credit card for you.

Every P20 spend is equivalent to 1 point, so you can use your accumulated points from fuel transactions to claiming other rebates all year round. The card offers 3x points on dining purchases.

You also get 0.50% cash back on other transactions, including fuel.

If you apply via an online channel, HSBC offers a waived annual fee for life, but act fast – the promo runs until May 31, 2019.

Shell Citi Card

Citi offers P5,000 worth of Shell fuel as a welcome gift for new credit card holders if you apply now until June 30, 2019.

If you’re a frequent road traveller from northbound to southbound, use this card to get up to 5% rebate on toll fees at NLEX, SLEX, and fuel purchases if you meet the minimum spending per billing cycle at P10,000 and above.

You can also use this card to get up to 5% rebates on auto services, parts and accessories at participating merchants and dealers nationwide when you meet the minimum spending per billing cycle as mentioned above.

If your billing cycle has less than P10,000, you’ll still get 3% Shell fuel rebates.

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Metrobank Toyota Mastercard

As a motorist, you’ll be pleased to know you get 3% fuel rebates at over 500 participating Petron stations when you use this card.

Aside from fuel rebates, you earn double points (P20 = 1 point) when you use it to purchase products and services in any Toyota dealers nationwide, and 10% discount on parts and labour, and accessories.

You have access to 24/7 roadside assistance (call 459-4735) as long as you present your Petron Value card and this credit card in case you need help.

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As a motorist, you can choose from these credit cards to find something that best suits your monthly fuel and lifestyle expenses. If there are any great cards that aren’t on this list, let us know in the comments section below.