Best Credit Card for Shell Fuel Rebates in the Philippines (2019)

Best Credit Card for Shell Fuel Rebates in the Philippines (2019)

Shell is one of the largest oil companies in the Philippines. Whether you’re off to Baguio or to Batangas, there’s never a shortage of Shell petrol stations on the major roads you will be passing through.

If you’re a loyal Shell customer and want to apply for a credit card that will earn rebates and help manage your fuel expenses, here are four credit cards you may want to explore.

If you have a sweet spot for fuel rebates, check our list below to know which is the best credit card for Shell fuel rebates.

Best credit cards for Shell fuel rebates Philippines 2019

Credit Card Rebates & Benefits
Shell Citi Card
  • Up to 5% on Shell fuel purchases
  • Up to 5% on NLEX/SLEX toll fees
  • 5% rebate on auto repairs, accessories, and services nationwide
Security Bank Complete Cashback
  • 4% fuel rebate when you use this card at any participating Petron, Shell, Total, Caltex, and UniOil stations nationwide
  • Immediate cashback
  • Rebates from other spending categories like groceries, utilities, dining, shopping
EastWest Bank Hyundai Mastercard
  • Up to 5% fuel rebates at any gasoline station nationwide
  • 10% discount on Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS), parts & labour, and selected accessories
  • P1,000 Hyundai voucher welcome gift
EastWest Bank EveryDay Titanium Mastercard
  • Up to 5% cash rebate on essentials such as supermarket, fuel and drugstore purchases

Shell Citi Card

Check out this credit card especially if you’re a first-time credit cardholder.

If you get approved, P5,000 worth of Shell fuel rebates will be credited to your account if you use it within 60 days upon activation. Enjoy this promo when you apply from now until October 31, 2019.

Sounds very enticing, but is it worth it?

Citi is known for its generous welcome gifts and rebates. But make sure you’re meeting the minimum spend amount for every billing cycle.

If you have the Citi Shell Gold card, you get up P10,000 worth of rebates per calendar year. This is their entry-level card.

The Shell Citi card offers up to 5% rebate on Shell fuel purchases, NLEX and SLEX toll fees, and auto repairs, accessories and services nationwide. But you must spend at least P10,000 on other spending categories. These are considered outstore spending such as shopping, dining, groceries, and medicines.

If you spend below P10,000 for your outstore spend, you earn a 3% rebate on Shell fuel purchases.

Here’s a sample computation of rebates. Keep in mind that this is just for illustration purposes. Your total amount of rebates can vary depending on how much you spend.

Shell fuel rebates in the Philippines

(Screengrab from Shell Citi Card page, August 23, 2019)

Other perks of this card include access to 24/7 emergency road assistance, Citi PayLite Instalment Plan, and Citi privileges (promos and deals for shopping, dining and travel for cardholders)

Minimum annual income requirement

  • P180,000 if you have an existing card with other banks;
  • P250,000 if you’re a first-time credit card holder

Annual fee: P2,500
Monthly interest rate: 3.5%
Promo: P5,000 worth of Shell fuel rebates if you apply now until October 31, 2019

Security Bank Complete Cashback

The Security Bank Complete Cashback is another card that motorists can compare to the Shell Citi Card.

The card is versatile as it supports 5-tier spending categories. Each spending category offers a rebate from 1% up to 5%.

If you spend on groceries, you can earn a 5% rebate.

For fuel purchases, you get 4% on any participating gasoline station nationwide (Shell, Caltex, Total, SeaOil, Petron, etc.).

It offers immediate cashback, which is credited on your monthly billing statement.

Keep in mind that rebates are only honoured for local purchases or retail transactions.

Security Bank offers up to P12,000 in rebates per year, or P1,000 rebate cap per monthly billing cycle.

Other perks of this card include access to exclusive promos for existing cardholders and a waived annual fee for the first year.

You also get more than 5% rebate when you refuel at selected SeaOil stations.

You can redeem air miles and gift certificates when you earn rewards points. You earn 1 reward point for every P20 spend.

Minimum annual income requirement: P360,000
Annual fee: P3,500
Monthly interest rate: 3.5%

EastWest Bank Hyundai Mastercard

Just like the Security Bank Complete Cashback, the Hyundai Mastercard offers a fuel rebate of 5% when you refuel at any gasoline station nationwide. The only difference is that the Hyundai Mastercard has a higher per cent rebate.

It’s a bonus, too, if you’re a Hyundai car owner. You get an exclusive 10% discount at all authorized Hyundai dealerships on your next PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services) or purchase of parts and accessories. This discount can’t be used with other promos.

But there’s a catch here. If you’re refuelling at Shell stations, the rebates you earn from this card can be redeemed as Hyundai Vouchers.

That’s a plus point if you’re a Hyundai car owner. But what if you’re not? You can simply exchange them for gift certificates at Rustan’s Department Store.

You can also use your rebates to waive your annual fee or to redeem cash credits.

Other perks of the Hyundai Mastercard include access to special privileges and promos from participating establishments when you shop, dine, or travel.

You can also avail the Convert-to-Instalment program for your big purchases payable in 6, 12, 18 or 24 easy payment terms with low monthly add-on rates.

Minimum annual income requirement: Not disclosed on the website
Annual fee: P2,000
Monthly interest rate: 3.5%

EastWest Bank EveryDay Titanium Mastercard

What’s not to like about this card when it can give you fuel rebates at any Shell station? Like the Complete Cashback and Hyundai Mastercard, this card offers fuel rebates of 5% when you refuel at any participating gasoline stations nationwide.

The features of this card are a lot like Complete Cashback since it offers rebates to essential spending categories (fuel, groceries, and medicine).

But compared to the rebates offered by the other cards, this one offers up to 5%, as long as you spend on both essentials and non-essentials.

EastWest Bank considers the non-essentials as hotel bookings, dining, and shopping.

Essentials spend rebate Amount of non-essentials spend to qualify for the rebate
5% Over P10,000
3% Below P10,000 – P5,000
0.5%  Below P5,000

The cash rebates are credited to your account once you accumulate P200 worth of rebates.

Here’s how you can earn fuel rebates as shown in this sample computation. This is for illustration purposes only.

(Screengrab from EastWest Every Day Titanium Card page, August 23, 2019)

If you have weekly fuel purchases of P1,500 each month other non-essential spend like clothing and dining, ideally, you would have about P300 worth of rebates.

The downside of this credit card is that you are forced to spend on other categories just to earn rebates.

The best thing to do is to map out your monthly expenses and spend without accumulating debts just to meet the requirements.

Which is the best credit card for Shell fuel rebates?

If we will compare these credit cards, Citi’s got an edge because of the welcome gift. But it has certain spending requirements before you can receive the rebates. If you think most of your expenses will fall under the specified spending, then this card will be a good choice.

Although it has a lower rebate of 4% on fuel purchases, the Complete Cashback is not tied to any oil company. But you get to enjoy other rebates from your groceries (5%), utilities (3%) dining (2%), and shopping (1%).

It’s a great choice for motorists who are also breadwinners in the family. Plus you get to enjoy other rewards and promos from Security Bank.

The Hyundai Mastercard is also a good option but would be more useful for Hyundai car owners.

The EveryDay Titanium also sets the bar high when it comes to non-essential spending requirements.

The choice is yours, but first, make sure you’re eligible to apply for the card. Let us know which card is best suited for you and drop your comments below!