UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2022

UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard

Do you frequently shop online? Are you looking for ways to get cashback from your purchases? Worry no more. You might want to check UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard that lets you earn cashback without limit.

Whether you’re planning to get your first credit card or want to apply for another one, here’s a helpful review to help you compare the features and benefits. Read on and find out what makes this cashback credit card unique and if it’s for you.


  1. UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard key features
  2. How does UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard work?
  3. What are the other features of UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard?
  4. Options for UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard
  5. FAQs

UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard key features

Annual Fee
  • Waived annual fee for the first year
  • ₱2,500 for principal cardholder 
  • ₱1,250 for supplementary cardholder
Minimum Gross Annual Income
  • ₱360,000
Monthly Interest Rate 
  • 2.00%
Cash Advance Fee
  • ₱200 flat fee charge per transaction
Late Payment Fee
  • ₱1,000
Overlimit Fee
  • ₱500 per occurrence
Card Replacement Fee
  • ₱400
Cashback or Rebate
  • 1% on all spending categories
Card Network
  • Mastercard

How does UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard work?

UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard offers a 1% rebate to any spending category without limit. Whether you buy a set of clothes at Uniqlo or gas up at the nearest gas station, you will receive the cashback you deserve. It’s the ideal credit card for your everyday purchases.

The minimum required cashback that you can redeem is ₱1,000. Keep in mind that you only earn cashback for your personal consumption. According to the terms and conditions, purchases for business transactions, gaming, and recurring bills enrolled are not included.

To have an idea of how much cashback you can earn, there’s a Mastercard Cashback Calculator that shows the average monthly spend. Simply drag from left to right to see the total amount earned and monthly spend. The spending categories include groceries, fuel, shopping, dining, and utilities.


The screenshot above is for illustration purposes. So if you have ₱8,000 monthly spend on groceries, you’ll have ₱80 cashback. For your dining expenses worth ₱5,000, you have ₱50 cashback. The computation is pretty straightforward.

If you want to apply for this card, ensure that you have a minimum gross annual income of at least ₱360,000. The annual fee is already waived for the first year, but the next year you have to pay ₱2,500 if you’re the principal cardholder. The supplementary cardholder will pay ₱1,250.

UnionBank also offers this to their loyal depositors. If you’re qualified, simply visit your preferred branch and fill out the application form.

What are the other features of UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard?

Aside from the 1% cashback you earn, you can also receive free₱5,000 worth of cashback if you have accumulated purchases of ₱40,000 within 60 days of activation.

What’s more, you get to enjoy longer credit terms of up to 53 days with 0% interest from the cut-off date until your payment due date if your total balance is fully paid.

You also have access to 24-hour customer support for your concerns even during weekends. You can pay in fixed monthly installments for your big-ticket items when you convert your straight payment transactions.

Many exclusive discounts, perks, and freebies from partner merchants are available whenever you shop online and in stores.

You may already apply for a supplementary card for family members and friends at least 14 years old.

For a minimum purchase of ₱3,000, you can already avail 0% installment program at partner merchants and establishments according to the terms and conditions. Pay your installment for up to 36 months for selected items and branches.

Options for UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard

Is 1% cashback not enough? If you’re thinking of other options, you may want to check these three cashback credit cards.

Metrobank Cashback Visa – up to 8% rebate

Metrobank Cashback Visa lets you earn up to 8% cashback when you use it to pay for your groceries, streaming, telco, school and book store purchases.

The maximum cashback you earn per billing cycle is ₱1,000. You still earn a 0.20% rebate on other spending categories like dining, fuel, and online shopping.

Citi Cashback Card – up to 6% rebate

If you’re living in the National Capital Region, the Citi Cashback card is a great option to earn 6% rebates on groceries, 2% on Meralco bills, and 0.20% on other purchases.

A ₱15,000 rebate cap limit is set annually. What’s more, you can use the Citi mobile app to track your rebates and credit limit to ensure you’re on top of your expenses.

HSBC Gold Visa Cashback – up to 5% rebate

You earn up to 5% cashback for your dining transactions with HSBC Gold Visa Cashback. You still make a 0.50% rebate on other spending categories.

If you’re always on the road, you will also find this useful as you can earn a 6% fuel rebate on your first gas up at Caltex stations and a 3% fuel rebate for the succeeding transactions.

Security Bank Complete Cashback – up to 5%

This five-tiered cashback credit card offers up to 5% rebates depending on your spending categories. Earn 1% on shopping, 2% on dining, 3% on utility, 4% on fuel, and 5% on groceries.

You earn up to ₱1,000 cashback per billing cycle. It’s an excellent option for starting and growing families because they can maximize all the spending categories.

FAQS on UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard

Check out some of the FAQs about this card.

How can I apply for this Cashback Gold Mastercard?

To apply online, you can visit UnionBank’s official page and head to the credit cards section. Click the “Apply Now” button and fill out the application form with your personal information. You may also visit the nearest UnionBank branch.

How long does it take to process my UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard application?

Usually, it takes about five to seven working days or more to process your credit card application.

If I’m a student, can I apply for the UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this card. If you meet the qualifications eligibility, feel free to apply online.

How can I redeem my cashback rewards?

Log in to the UnionBank mobile app, and you will find the Rewards section. Simply click the Redeem Rewards and enter the amount. You may only redeem in increments of 1000s.

Final thoughts

So there you have it – the UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard. This card is a great option for those who want to earn cashback on their spending, and the fact that it comes with no cap on rebates makes it an even more attractive choice.

If you’re looking for a card that offers solid cash back rewards and features like longer credit terms and a 0% installment program with partner merchants and establishments, this could be the one for you.