Best Credit Card for Caltex Fuel Rebates in the Philippines – Which Credit Card is Best?

best credit cards for caltex fuel rebates

Fluctuating fuel prices in the Philippines spark worry in motorists. Thankfully, fuel rebates offered by credit cards help in easing this worry. Each rebate, no matter how small, goes a long way!

We came up with this list of the best credit cards in the Philippines that offer up to 5% of Caltex fuel rebates.

Caltex is one of the biggest oil companies in the Philippines. Whether you’re going on a road trip up north to Baguio or down south in Bicol, here are some of the best credit cards to use for your Caltex purchases.

Note: If you’re applying as a new credit cardholder, check the terms and conditions of each card before you focus on the rebates you will earn!

Best credit cards for Caltex fuel rebates Philippines 2019


Credit Card Rebates & Benefits
EastWest Bank EveryDay Titanium Mastercard
  • Up to 5% cash rebate on essentials such as supermarket, fuel and drugstore purchases
EastWest Bank Hyundai Mastercard
  • Up to 5% fuel rebates at any gasoline station nationwide
  • 10% discount on Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS), parts & labour, and selected accessories
  • P1,000 Hyundai voucher as a welcome gift
Security Bank Complete Cashback
  • Earn 4% fuel rebate when you use this card at any participating Petron, Shell, Total, Caltex, and UniOil station nationwide
  • Immediate cashback
  • Earn rebates from other spending categories like groceries, utilities, dining, shopping
HSBC Credit Cards (Red Mastercard, Gold Visa, Platinum Visa, Premier Mastercard & Advanced Visa)
  • 3% fuel rebate all year round when you use this at participating Caltex stations nationwide, plus 6% fuel rebate on your first transaction as a new credit cardholder
  • Earn rewards points at the same time from your fuel purchases and use them to redeem items or air miles


EastWest Bank EveryDay Titanium Mastercard

From the name itself, the EveryDay Titanium Mastercard covers your daily purchases. It’s a cashback credit card that offers up to 5% cash rebates on your essentials.

Compared to other credit cards in this list, it has the highest fuel rebate. You may earn rebates from your local and overseas transactions. But it has a rebate cap of P1,000 for every cycle month on all spending categories.

Motorists enjoy up to 5% fuel rebate at any participating gasoline station (Caltex, Shell, Petron, Total, and others).

You may also earn up to 5% cash rebate on essentials, which includes fuel and drugstore purchases, and groceries, but only if you spend more on non-essential purchases, such as clothing, dining, and travelling (e.g. hotel accommodation or plane tickets).

Essentials spend rebate earned Amount of non-essentials spend to qualify for the rebate
5% Over P10,000
3% Below P10,000 – P5,000
0.5%  Below P5,000

When you accumulate P250 worth of rebates, they will automatically be credited to your account.

Here’s a sample illustration of non-essentials and essential spending.

Purchases Non-Essentials Spending Category
P3,000 Clothing
P2,000 Dining
P5,000 Hotel Accommodation

Since you have a total of P10,000 on non-essential spending, you are eligible to earn a 5% rebate on essentials.

Take note that these are samples only. Figures will vary on your statement of account depending on your spending per billing cycle. The bottom line is if you spend P10,000 or more on non-essentials, you earn 5% cash rebate.

If you have fuel expenses of approximately P7,500 per billing cycle, you can earn cash rebates of P375 based on the essentials and non-essentials computation table.

Purchases Essentials Spending Category Cash Rebates Earned
P5000 Groceries 1 P250
P2,000 Groceries 2 P100
P2,500 Gasoline 1 P125
P1,500 Gasoline 2 P75
P1,500 Gasoline 3 P75
P2,000 Gasoline 4 P100
P1,000 Drugstore Purchase 1 P50
Total Cash Rebates Earned P775

Minimum annual income requirement: P480,000
Annual fee: P2,800
Monthly interest rate: 3.5%

EastWest Bank Hyundai Mastercard

Another credit card for motorists that can earn Caltex fuel rebates is the EastWest Bank Hyundai Mastercard.
Enjoy 5% fuel rebate at any participating gas stations nationwide, including Caltex.

Aside from the fuel rebates, this card is useful if you’re a Hyundai car owner. You get exclusive 10% discount at all authorized Hyundai dealerships on your next PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services) or purchase of parts and accessories.

The rebates aren’t automatically credited to your account. You can redeem them as Hyundai Vouchers or gift certificates at Rustan’s Department Store.

If you’re feeling more practical, you can use the rebates to waive annual fees or get cash credits.

Minimum annual income requirement: Not disclosed on the website
Annual fee: P2,000
Monthly interest rate: 3.5%

Security Bank Complete Cashback

The Security Bank Complete Cashback offers motorists 4% fuel rebates on any participating petrol station nationwide, including Caltex.

The card supports 5-tier spending categories. Each spending category has a corresponding rebate from 1% up to 5%.
If you spend on groceries, you earn a 5% rebate. You’ll also get immediate cashback based on your purchases credited on your monthly billing statement.

You earn rebates for local purchases or retail transactions only (the EastWest EveryDay Titanium honours both local and overseas transactions for rebates). There’s also a rebate cap of P1,000 per monthly billing cycle.
You can redeem air miles and gift certificates when you earn rewards points ( 1 reward point = P20 spend).

Minimum annual income requirement: P360,000
Annual fee: P3,500
Monthly interest rate: 3.5%

HSBC Credit Cards in the Philippines

If you apply for an HSBC credit card and get approved, you’ll enjoy 6% Caltex fuel rebate on your first transaction and 3% rebate all year round at participating Caltex stations.

There’s a P20,000 rebate cap per calendar month for your fuel rebates.

Aside from the rebates, you’ll earn, you also get rewards points which you can use to redeem merchandise items or air miles.

Check the list of HSBC credit cards reviews and see which one suits you best.

Which is the best credit for Caltex fuel rebates?

While all HSBC credit cards have 3% rebate all year round, they don’t have complicated terms and conditions like the EveryDay Titanium Mastercard and Hyundai Mastercard.

If you’re a heavy spender on fuel, you might want to take a look at HSBC credit cards like the Red Mastercard (for rewards) or the Platinum Visa (for rewards, air miles, and fuel rebates).

Security Bank Complete Cashback is also a good option, especially if you will use the card on different spending categories like dining, shopping, and groceries. It gives you rebates on five spending categories up to 5%.

Its offer of 4% fuel rebate is higher than HSBC’s, but it has a rebate cap of P1,000 per monthly billing cycle. Still, it’s an ideal credit card for daily or family spending.

So, which one do you think is the ideal credit card for you that’s moneysmart when it comes to fuel rebates? Drop your comments below.

We also reviewed other cards where you can get either Shell fuel rebates or Petron fuel rebates, too to help you find which one is the best for you.