Citi Rewards vs Security Bank Rewards Mastercard – Which Reward Catalogue is Better?

Citi Rewards vs Security Bank Rewards Mastercard – Which Reward Catalogue is Better?

When it comes to picking the right rewards credit card, the rewards catalogue is definitely something that you should take a look at before making the commitment. What’s the point of receiving 5x rewards points, for example, if you can’t redeem them at your favourite shops and restaurants?

It’s enticing to see those high multiplier bonus or rewards points. But you should also check out what these credit cards offer when it comes to vouchers and gift certificates.

Which credit card rewards catalogue in the Philippines is the best?

Most banks offer rewards credit cards that have competitive multiplier rewards points. These points have a minimum spend in peso equivalent to one (1) reward point.

The lowest so far is 1 reward point for every P20 spend. Of course, the more you spend, the more incentives you get for shopping, dining, and more.
Some banks also offer accelerated points based on the spending category.

You don’t have to stress over which rewards catalogue is the best as this will always be a subjective answer. But you can make your decision based on the type of vouchers or gift certificates that you can redeem for your reward points.

Here’s a comparison of two popular entry-level rewards cards in the Philippines. It also includes the rewards catalogues for both to help you decide which one is worth having.

Citi Rewards Cards

For Citi Rewards cards, you can enjoy waived annual fees using your reward points.

Citi offers three types of rewards cards:

Every P30 you spend with your Citi Rewards card earns you one (1) reward point.

It gets even better when you shop at department stores here and abroad. You get 3x rewards points for your spending.

Love shopping online/in-store and travelling? Maximise the Citi Rewards card for your local and overseas purchases to get your accelerated points.

Citi Grab card is Citi’s new rewards card for commuters. You can earn up to 10x rewards points for all your Grab spending.

This promo is valid until June 30, 2020. It’s useful for your daily commutes in and around the metro and for travelling to cities where Grab is available.

Meanwhile, you also earn 3x Citi Grab points on dining, entertainment, and online subscriptions and 1 Citi Grab point for every P30 everyday spend.

Citi Rewards Catalogue Review

The Citi Rewards catalogue has a comprehensive list of global brands and luxury retailers. Use your rewards points to pay these merchants in exchange for items.

Shop and browse items such as bags, luggage, toys, jewellery, and electronics. Brands like Lacoste, Samsonite, Oakley, and Bose are on the list, too.

Partners like Amazon and Apple allow you to pay with your points. However, you may need to wait a while before you can redeem that new iPhone or MacBook Pro with your rewards points. Accumulating reward points just to get big-ticket items is achievable but not recommended.

For frequent travellers, you can redeem points for hotels and flights. Most hotel listings are either 3-, 4-, or 5-star hotels or luxury boutique hotels in Asia. Although some are located in Australia, Dubai, and the United States. You can get discounts of up to 68% and pay with your points. You can charge the remaining balance to your credit card.

Enjoy discounts at 4- or 5-star hotels like Discovery Shores Boracay and Club Paradise in Palawan. Most of the privileges you will enjoy are hotel stays and discounts at luxury hotels and boutiques, as well as perks at fine dining restaurants.

If you’re looking for unlimited milk teas, free pizzas, or free Sports Central gift certificates, this card may not be for you.

You still have those local merchants in the catalogue, but rarely will you find local restaurants, hotels, and fast food chains.

But you can convert your rewards points to air miles for free flights if you don’t feel like redeeming any merchandise.

Check the latest Rewards Catalogue here.

Security Bank Rewards Mastercard

For Security Bank Rewards, there are three cards you can choose from. Like Citi rewards points, Security Bank rewards points don’t expire. You can also use them to pay your annual fee.

Security Bank Rewards cards are:

  • Mastercard Classic
  • Mastercard Gold
  • Mastercard Platinum

You earn (1) reward point for every P20 you spend. That’s lower than Citi’s peso earning points. If you’re a heavy spender, you can collect more points.

But these cards don’t have a bonus multiplier in any spending category. With Citi, you can get 3x rewards points when shopping or dining.

Whether you’re shopping for clothes or groceries, these cards are quite handy. You can compute for your rewards points or plan how much you want to collect.

For example, if you spend P10,000 per month, you earn 500 rewards points, assuming you spend that before the cut-off.

Security Bank Rewards Catalogue Review

The Security Bank Rewards Catalogue has a list of local brands and merchant partners.
There are five categories to choose from for redeeming rewards points: shopping, dining, travel, charity, and cash/fee waiver.

You can exchange points for items. You can also choose from a comprehensive list of gift certificates.

If you’re spending locally, you’d appreciate the list of participating restaurants, cafes, and shops. There are P300 to P2000 worth of gift certificates available, too.

Treat your friends at Ramen Nagi, Italianni’s, T.G.I. Fridays, Papa John’s Pizza, or Bulgogi Brothers with your gift certificates.

Shop and use gift certificates for items at Oakley, Timex, the Landmark, New Balance, The Athlete’s Foot, Sports Warehouse, and more.

Most of the participating merchants and partners are located at malls, making them favourable for people who like to shop in boutiques and retail outlets.

If you’re using a prepaid number, you can claim a prepaid load electronic gift certificate for Globe, Sun, and Smart for as low as P100 (1,100 points).
If you use your cards for online purchases, you can also earn points and convert them into air miles.

If you’re feeling generous, you can also donate your points to charities like Bantay Bata 163 and World Vision.

Feeling a little tired? You can use your points to get a free spa treatment or massage when you redeem a Bioessence, The Spa, or Hair Philosophie gift certificate.

If you’re looking for shopping and dining GCs that you can redeem for your rewards points, Security Bank Rewards cards have the edge over Citibank cards.

Check the latest Rewards Catalogue here.

Which has the better rewards catalogue?

Security Bank rewards cards have better deals for the wise spender.

Although these cards don’t offer 3x rewards points like Citi cards, Security Bank’s Rewards Catalogue is pretty straightforward. It’s also more relevant to the Filipino lifestyle, interests, and tastes.

Citi’s Rewards Catalogue has a lot to offer those who love luxury brands or fine dining, as well as those who consider themselves frequent flyers.

You must have a substantial monthly paycheque to enjoy the perks, though. You also need to spend more if you want to redeem those luxurious leather goods or stay at Citi-affiliated 5-star hotels.

Citi Rewards cards have generous welcome gifts. They give electronic gift certificates worth P5,000 to new cardholders.

But if you’re not a fan of travel and luxury, it will take a while to save up points and redeem these free gifts. You may end up choosing Security Bank Rewards cards for all your spending instead.

Look up the perks and privileges of these cards. You still get to decide which is better and more rewarding for you.