Refinancing Your Home Loan in the Philippines: How To Save On Your Mortgage in 2019
Refinancing your home loan in the Philippines is not as simple as calling the bank and informing them that you want to do so as soon as possible. It can
24 June 2019
Credit Card
Visa vs Mastercard vs American Express – Which is Best in the Philippines?
Wherever you look, you can see the Visa, Mastercard, and American Express logos. Suffice it to say, there’s no shortage of debit and credit cards in the Philippines.   But
24 June 2019
Credit Card
Best American Express Credit Cards Philippines Review (2019)
In this review of the best American Express Credit Cards in the Philippines, we will get familiar with this prestigious brand and help you decide which Amex card is right
24 June 2019
Credit Card
Best Credit Cards for Entertainment in the Philippines 2019
Are you looking for the best credit cards for entertainment in the Philippines? There are quite a lot to choose from, but we have rounded up a few to help
24 June 2019
Should You Pick Fixed or Floating Interest Rates in the Philippines?
Should you pick fixed or floating interest rates given the rising rates of housing loans in the Philippines? Which is better for homeowners on a budget? Which is more economical
24 June 2019
best rewards cards in the philippines
Credit Card
The 7 Best Rewards Cards in the Philippines (2019)
What could be more rewarding than redeeming points from every peso you spend using your credit card? No wonder rewards cards are one of the popular credit card types in
14 June 2019
best credit cards for dining in the philippines
Credit Card
5 Best Credit Cards for Dining in the Philippines (2019)
Eating is part of Filipino culture. It’s not just about savouring the food but eating together – your dining experience wouldn’t be complete without your friends and family.
13 June 2019
Best payWave Debit and Cash Back Credit Cards, and Other Cashless Payments in the Philippines
Dreaming about cashless payments when shopping? While cash is still the preferred mode of payment in the Philippines, there’s still hope! The journey to becoming a cashless society is
13 June 2019
best debit cards in the philippines
Smart Money
The Best Debit Cards in the Philippines (2019)
Online shopping, gaming, and subscriptions are shaping the digital and buying habits of Filipinos. While cash remains the “King of the Hill” when paying merchants (especially in wet markets and
12 June 2019
citi rewards review
Credit Card
Citi Rewards Card Review – Shopaholics Delightful Treats
The Citi Rewards Card is a shopper’s delightful treat, offering 3x points when you use it to shop, dine, or book a ticket via Cebu Pacific Airlines. You earn (
5 June 2019
best cash back credit cards in the philippines
Credit Card
3 Things to Watch Out When Choosing a Cash Back Credit Card
Cash from a credit card? You’re not dreaming, though. If you “swipe wisely” you can earn a meaningful amount every month. Here’s a summary of cashback credit cards
3 June 2019
pag-ibig or bank loan which is better
PAG-IBIG vs Bank Loan – Which Is Better? 4 Things to Know Before You Commit
So, you want to live your ultimate dream and buy a home. But choosing the right housing loan could be a dilemma for you. Which one should you choose? You
31 May 2019
property loans in the philippines
Home Loans in the Philippines – The Complete Guide to Property Loans
Are you ready for a huge financial commitment this year? This guide will help you navigate the process of acquiring a home loan in the Philippines. The type of property,
30 May 2019
best credit cards for fuel rebates in the Philippines
Credit Card
6 Best Credit Cards for Fuel Rebates and Auto Services in the Philippines
Paying in cash is common among Filipinos when refuelling the tank. But as a motorist travelling in and out of Metro Manila, you’d consider paying using your credit card
28 May 2019
best credit cards in the philippines
Credit Card
7 Best Credit Cards in the Philippines
The word “best” is subjective when choosing a credit card. What’s best for you may not be best for others – therefore, selecting the best credit cards isn’t
27 May 2019
how to apply for credit cards in the Philippines
Credit Card
How to Apply for Credit Cards in the Philippines
If it’s your first time applying for a credit card, you may not be aware that banks have stringent requirements when it comes to credit card applications. Here’s
27 May 2019
How To Sell A Used Car In The Philippines | The Ultimate Guide
It may seem a daunting task at first but the process of selling your car in the Philippines isn’t as complicated as you think. Want to know how to
21 May 2019
how to invest in a condominium in the philippines
How to Invest in a Condominium in the Philippines
Thinking how to grow your hard-earned money? Investing in properties is one of the wisest ways to create a stable income. Real estate investments in the Philippines offer opportunities
20 May 2019
Buy A Used Car In The Philippines | The Ultimate Guide
Unlike buying a brand-new car, opting for a preloved one can be tricky and you will likely need a fair amount of knowledge in order to get the best
19 May 2019
how to save money with auto servicing in the philippines
Smart Money
How to Save Money with Your Auto Servicing in the Philippines
Whether you bought it second-hand or a brand new, there’s that joy and excitement on your face when you’ve just purchased a car. You’re
14 May 2019
how to invest in foreign exchange trading
How to Invest in Foreign Exchange in the Philippines
If you’re planning to invest in foreign exchange trading, you really need to read do your research. This article will act as your starting point. We’ll give you
8 May 2019
selecting the right real estate broker in the philippines
Selecting the Right Real Estate Broker in the Philippines
If you’re going to meet a potential real estate broker, it’s important that you pay attention – you’re effectively leaving your property dreams in their hands so
7 May 2019
best small business ideas
9 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Invest In The Philippines
Are you tired of your 8-5 job? Do you want to be your own boss? Here are the best small business ideas for 2019. Having a business is everyone’
6 May 2019
9 Ways On How To Earn Money Online: Online Job Websites To Try!
In recent years, the world has witnessed drastic changes in terms of technology. The once laid-back country of the Philippines has now evolved into a digitally-able nation. In
6 May 2019
How to Invest in Bitcoin in the Philippines
Bitcoin (BTC) has been associated with scams and illegal transactions across the web, but Bitcoin itself isn’t a scam. How people sell it and the platforms—websites and tools—
6 May 2019