credit card substitutes for millennials
Credit Card
The Credit Card Substitutes Millennials Can Get Today
Many millennials today prefer speed and efficient processes. Whether it’s buying a cute dress or ordering their favorite pizza. Items should be delivered and paid instantly. No wonder brands are also offering next-day delivery in their online stores. Credit cards are handy when you want speed. Whenever you shop online or at a retail store,…
3 November 2022
common mistakes people make in personal finance
Borrow Money
The Top 8 Common Mistakes People Make in Personal Finance
There’s always some new financial advice out there to follow — save more, spend less, invest here, don’t invest there. It can be challenging to keep up and more difficult to figure out which one is worth following. To save you the trouble, we have compiled a list of the top eight common mistakes people make…
26 October 2022
how to apply for a job 5 job hunting mistakes to avoid
How to Apply for a Job: 5 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid
Did you know hiring managers spend six to seven seconds reviewing a resume? You only have a limited time to make an impression. Landing a good job is more challenging than you think. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, it won’t guarantee a job right away. Searching for open positions, customizing your resume and cover…
18 October 2022
seabank philippines review
SeaBank Philippines Peso Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2022
Looking for ways to grow your hard-earned money? What if we told you there’s a local bank that offers 5.00% per annum interest? Say hello to the SeaBank Peso savings account. SeaBank is a rural bank with digital banking features. It means you can open a savings account without visiting a branch. Let’s take a…
14 October 2022
8 Digital Banks in the Philippines That Let You Open Savings Accounts Online
Do you want to open a savings account without going to the bank? Thanks to digital banks like CIMB Bank, Tonik, and Maya Bank (formerly PayMaya), they let you open an account through their mobile apps. You can even submit the required documentation in real time. Even traditional banks like Maybank, UnionBank, and RCBC have…
8 October 2022
Security Bank Home Loan Review Philippines 2022 – Comparing the Most Affordable Home Loan Rates from Security Bank
Security Bank Home Loan Review Philippines 2022 – Comparing the Most Affordable Home Loan Rates from Security Bank
A stable roof over your head provides not only physical security but also emotional stability – something that every family needs, especially in these uncertain times. This article is for you if you plan to take out a home loan in the next few years. Owning your place is a big step towards financial security…
7 October 2022
best websites for online courses
Top 10 Best Websites for Free Online Courses in the Philippines
The internet has made information more accessible than ever. This is especially true for those looking to learn new skills and gain knowledge. Countless websites and platforms offer free online courses. You can access them anytime and learn at your own pace. Online courses are a great way to learn new skills, stay up-to-date on…
6 October 2022
RCBC Home Loan Review Philippines 2022 – Comparing the Most Affordable Home Loan Rates from RCBC
RCBC Home Loan Review Philippines 2022 – Comparing the Most Affordable Home Loan Rates from RCBC
When it comes to home mortgages, there are many things to think about. For example, what’s the interest rate? What fees are associated with the loan? How long will it take me to repay the loan? These are all important questions that need answering before you take on any type of home loan. With an…
23 September 2022
UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard
Credit Card
UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2022
Do you frequently shop online? Are you looking for ways to get cashback from your purchases? Worry no more. You might want to check UnionBank Cashback Gold Mastercard that lets you earn cashback without limit. Whether you’re planning to get your first credit card or want to apply for another one, here’s a helpful review…
19 September 2022
Can Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Help You Build a Good Credit Score?
Borrow Money
Can Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Help You Build a Good Credit Score?
Ever heard of BNPL? If you ever shop online, you must have encountered it. It’s an acronym for Buy Now, Pay Later, an agreement where a store lets you buy now and pay for your purchase over time. It’s like getting a loan, but without having to go through the hassle of applying for one.…
15 September 2022
Credit Card
10 Incredibly Useful Tips for First-Time Credit Cardholders (2022)
If you’re new to using credit cards, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. That mostly coveted plastic card provides plenty of opportunities to rack up rewards. But there are also a few things you need to be aware of before indulging yourself with a new pair of kicks or the latest iPhone model. A credit…
13 September 2022
hsbc red mastercard review 2019
Credit Card
HSBC Red Mastercard Review 2022 – Lifestyle Rewards Card With 4X Earning Points
Does the possibility of earning rewards get your heart racing? Let’s take a look at the HSBC Red Mastercard. This rewards card offers up to 4x bonus points when you use it for online transactions, shopping, dining, and overseas transactions. Rewards cards are ideal for spenders who love to redeem merchandise items, cash vouchers, or…
7 September 2022
know your sss benefits in the philippines
Know Your SSS Benefits – MoneySmart Philippines Guide 2022
Did you know that the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines offers a handful of benefits to its members? It’s not just the pension you get once you retire. If you’re a first-time member, or even if you’ve been a member for years, it’s important to know what they are. When in need, you…
6 September 2022
citi grab rewards credit card review
Credit Card
Citi Grab Credit Card Review 2022 – Up to 5X Rewards Points
The pandemic has changed how we buy products and services. Thanks to Grab app, you can now shop for groceries online or order food — all in just a few clicks. What’s more, you can enjoy discounts and free shipping on certain days, saving you money as a loyal user. One thing’s for sure, now…
31 August 2022
how to invest in luxury handbags in the philippines
How to Invest In Luxury Handbags like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel
Have you ever wondered if there was a way to invest in something that you love and also make a profit? Well, luxury handbags may be the answer. In recent years, the world of high-end fashion has seen a surge in popularity, with designer brands becoming increasingly sought-after. This has led to a corresponding increase…
30 August 2022
types of credit cards in the philippines
Credit Card
8 Types of Credit Cards in the Philippines: Which One Is for You?
When it comes to credit cards, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best credit card for you will depend on your individual financial situation and spending habits. Having one is not just a privilege but also a huge responsibility. With proper handling of purchases, you can actually build your credit score. To help you out,…
27 August 2022
solo parent act in the philippines
What Is the Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act in the Philippines?
As a solo parent, you are familiar with the challenges of juggling work and family responsibilities independently. Let’s face it. You need all the help you can get. Thankfully, here’s some good news. The Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act was passed to provide benefits, privileges, and financial assistance. This article will discuss its benefits and…
22 August 2022
How To Get Cheaper Gas With PriceLOCQ App
How To Get Cheaper Gas With PriceLOCQ App
In these tough economic times, being mindful of your spending is more important than ever. But let’s face it, keeping track of every peso can be a real pain. If you’re spending on fuel regularly, news about price rollbacks gives you that sense of relief. But what if there’s an app that lets you save…
18 August 2022
How To Fight Inflation as a Starting Family in the Philippines
Smart Money
How To Fight Inflation as a Starting Family in the Philippines
Inflation can be a pain, especially when you’re starting a family on a budget. Prices for essential goods and services seem to go up every day, making it harder and harder to make ends meet. Fuel price hikes seem endless as weeks pass by, and watching the news can make you worry more. The inflation…
28 June 2022
should I borrow from the bank or the moneylender
Borrow Money
Where Should I Borrow Money: Banks or Moneylenders?
Borrowing money is always a tricky topic. You want to get the best deal possible, but you don’t want to get into too much debt. So, where should you go when you need some extra cash? You can go to a bank and take out a personal loan or go to a licensed moneylender and…
19 April 2022
best investment and personal finance books to read
Top 8 Best Investment and Personal Finance Books Every Filipino Should Read (2022)
There’s no question that the best way to become financially literate is to read books about investment and personal finance. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time (or patience) to read through a bunch of them. But when it comes to financial literacy, books are still one of the best teachers. You learn the…
10 February 2022
how to make your finances inflation-proof
Smart Money
How to Make Your Finances Inflation-Proof in the Philippines
There’s no escaping inflation. It’s like a pesky fly that buzzes around your head, refusing to go away. The more you try to swat it down, the more it seems to multiply. Inflation is a natural occurrence in any economy, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s no secret that the cost of…
10 February 2022
Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard
Credit Card
Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2022
Are you planning to get a cashback credit card this year? Look no further. The Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard is an excellent option for credit cardholders to earn up to 5% cashback from different spending categories. Cashback credit cards can be a great way to get cash rebates each month from the things you buy…
4 February 2022
Tonik Digital Bank Peso Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2022
Tonik Digital Bank Peso Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2022
What if we told you that there is a bank where you could open an account without having to deposit a single peso? What if this bank offers some of the competitive interest rates in the country? If this sounds too good to be true, then you’re in for a surprise because Tonik digital bank…
3 February 2022
how to get started with my.sss online registration
How to Get Started With My.SSS Online Registration
Do you have a Philippine Social Security System (SSS) account? If so, did you know that you can take advantage of the SSS online services once you have activated your online account? It’s cumbersome to visit a branch and wait in a queue these days. Fortunately, you can request assistance online. But you have to…
1 February 2022