best investment and personal finance books to read
Top 8 Best Investment and Personal Finance Books Every Filipino Should Read (2022)
There’s no question that the best way to become financially literate is to read books about investment and personal finance. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time (or patience) to read through a bunch of them. But when it comes to financial literacy, books are still one of the best teachers. You learn the…
10 February 2022
how to make your finances inflation-proof
Smart Money
How to Make Your Finances Inflation-Proof in the Philippines
There’s no escaping inflation. It’s like a pesky fly that buzzes around your head, refusing to go away. The more you try to swat it down, the more it seems to multiply. Inflation is a natural occurrence in any economy, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s no secret that the cost of…
10 February 2022
Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard
Credit Card
Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2022
Are you planning to get a cashback credit card this year? Look no further. The Security Bank Complete Cashback Mastercard is an excellent option for credit cardholders to earn up to 5% cashback from different spending categories. Cashback credit cards can be a great way to get cash rebates each month from the things you buy…
4 February 2022
Tonik Digital Bank Peso Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2022
Tonik Digital Bank Peso Savings Account – MoneySmart Review 2022
What if we told you that there is a bank where you could open an account without having to deposit a single peso? What if this bank offers some of the competitive interest rates in the country? If this sounds too good to be true, then you’re in for a surprise because Tonik digital bank…
3 February 2022
how to get started with my.sss online registration
How to Get Started With My.SSS Online Registration
Do you have a Philippine Social Security System (SSS) account? If so, did you know that you can take advantage of the SSS online services once you have activated your online account? It’s cumbersome to visit a branch and wait in a queue these days. Fortunately, you can request assistance online. But you have to…
1 February 2022
Beginners Guide on Insurance Plans
A Beginner’s Guide on Insurance Plans – Things You Should Know Before Buying One
Are you in the market for an insurance plan but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Buying insurance can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time. One of the most important decisions a person can make is choosing the right insurance plan. There are many different plans and factors to consider that…
28 January 2022
Metrobank Cashback Visa
Credit Card
Metrobank Cashback Visa – MoneySmart Review 2022
Looking for the best cashback credit card? Well, you’re in the right place as Metrobank Cashback Visa is more than just a plastic card with an EMV chip. Smart spending is made possible with this credit card to earn up to 8% cashback from your purchases. But before you get excited and start computing how…
27 January 2022
how to fix a ballooning credit card debt
Credit Card
How to Fix Your Ballooning Credit Card Debt – MoneySmart Guide 2022
Are you struggling to keep up with your monthly credit card payments? Do you find yourself constantly running out of money at the end of the month? If so, you’re not alone. While the banks love to tell you that your credit card is a great way to fund a shopping spree, a new gadget,…
24 January 2022
mercury drug citi card review 2022
Credit Card
Mercury Drug Citi Rewards Card Review 2022
Purchasing medications regularly? It can be overwhelming to buy on-site these days as COVID-19 cases are increasing in the metro and nearby provinces. Fortunately, one of the big pharmacies like Mercury Drug lets you order online and pay for your purchases. If you’re looking for a credit card that offers rewards points from your health…
24 January 2022
debunking common myths and misconceptions life insurance
Debunking Some of the Common Myths of Life Insurance: Why Do Filipinos Avoid It?
Are you one of those people who avoid life insurance agents because you’re assuming they will offer you a product? Do you think paying for insurance premiums is expensive and a waste of money? You’re not alone. Many Filipinos feel the same way because they believe in these common myths and some misconceptions passed down…
18 January 2022
bank accounts to open this year 2022
5 Types of Bank Accounts You Should Consider Opening This Year
One of the best things you can do for your finances is to have different bank accounts to manage your saving and spending habits. It also helps you keep track of your finances – how much you are spending and where it’s going. Besides, opening a bank account is hassle-free because you can do it…
17 January 2022
best passive income investments in the philippines
The Best Passive Income Investments You Can Make for This Year (2022)
Do you want to make some extra money without having to do much work? Ever imagine sleeping at night, and yet money still comes in? If so, you’re in luck! There are moneysmart ways to earn passive income in the Philippines. Passive income means that you receive money even if you don’t do anything. In…
10 January 2022
financial new year resolutions 2022
5 Financial New Year’s Resolutions Filipinos Should Make for 2022
There’s no better time to start making resolutions than at the beginning of a new year. While getting in shape and spending more time with loved ones are always popular goals, there are a few financial resolutions that Filipinos should make, too. Whether you spent more on ‘budol’ items on Shopee and Lazada last year or…
7 January 2022
Globe, Smart, PLDT, and SunCellular — The Most Affordable Sim Only Plans in the Philippines (2022)
Globe, Smart, PLDT, and SunCellular — The Most Affordable Sim Only Plans in the Philippines (2022)
The Mobile Number Portability Act allows subscribers to retain their mobile number even if they switch to another network. It won’t be a hassle for you to change your existing provider, especially if you have a poor signal in your location. So, do you want to keep your current cellphone number without having to buy a…
6 January 2022
credit card installment plans in the philippines
Borrow Money
What You Need to Know About Credit Card Installment Plans in the Philippines – Is It For You?
Credit card installment plans allow you to break up your total balance or a one-time straight payment into smaller monthly payments, making it more manageable. But is an installment plan right for you? A credit card can make you a wise spender or an irresponsible borrower. There’s nothing wrong with using credit cards, but how…
27 December 2021
best 0 zero Interest installment plans in the philippines 2022
Credit Card
The Best 0% Interest Installment Plans in the Philippines (2022)
Planning to buy a big-ticket item? Well, if you’re like most people, you’re always looking for ways to save money. One of the most important is ensuring that you’re getting the best deal on every purchase, whether it’s a small one or a big one. That’s why finding the best 0% interest installment plans in the…
23 December 2021
holiday shopping tips 2021
Holiday Shopping Tips 2021: 10 Ways to Avoid Impulse Buying (and Spend Less)
It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is around the corner, and with it comes all the joys of giving gifts to loved ones. But if you’re on a tight budget this year or are trying to avoid impulse buying altogether, there are some things you want to keep in mind before your…
20 December 2021
How to Spot a Phishing Email in the Philippines
How to Spot a Phishing Email in the Philippines
Phishing emails are all over the internet, and they can be challenging to spot. They often look like legitimate emails from banks, retailers, or other trusted sources. If you regularly check your inbox, you probably received one in the past few months. Are you one of those people who gets several phishing emails every day?…
18 December 2021
security bank next titanium mastercard review
Credit Card
Security Bank Next Titanium Mastercard – MoneySmart Review 2022
Installment credit card is rare as most banks in the Philippines have rewards cards, cashback credit cards, and air miles credit cards. But did you know Security Bank is already offering one? Say hello to Next Titanium Mastercard. If you are an existing depositor, the bank might offer this for free, especially if you have…
17 December 2021
10 Signs That You Are Financially Prepared to Get Married
10 Signs That You Are Financially Prepared to Get Married
Like most people, getting married is a huge financial commitment. Unless you are both wealthy, there’s no way to get around the fact that joining your lives together will require some planning and preparation on the financial front. Although if you’re not careful, those preparations can quickly become a source of contention and stress in…
16 December 2021
Your Ultimate Guide How to Cancel Your Credit Card
Credit Card
Your Ultimate Guide: How to Cancel Your Credit Card (and Why)
Some people often get credit cards for the wrong reasons – to help them spend money they don’t have or because they are lured in by a flashy sign-up bonus or a welcome gift. But if you’re not using your credit card responsibly, it can do more harm than good. Do you think you’re ready…
15 December 2021
Best Credit Card Promos for Year End Online Shopping 2021
Best Credit Card Promos for Year-End Online Shopping (2021)
The holidays are fast approaching, and it means the start of online shopping for many budget-savvy people. The shipping cost can take a toll on your wallet – not to mention all the other expenses associated with big-ticket items. Online shopping is in full swing with the 12.12 shopping festival, other year-end sales, and Christmas…
13 December 2021
Smishing Scam Alerts You Should Know and How to Avoid Them
Smishing: Scam Alerts You Should Know and How to Avoid Them
You have probably received a text message that says you won millions of pesos from a raffle draw. Another text message could have been a gift from a company, and you need to claim it as soon as possible. Lately, there are also unsolicited messages offering job opportunities. Well, if you randomly received any of…
6 December 2021
Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa Card MoneySmart Review
Credit Card
Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa Card – MoneySmart Review 2021
Looking for a rewards card for more points? Here comes the Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa card that offers double (2x) rewards points whenever you spend on gadgets, transportation, telecommunications, and online purchases. Whether you are a first-time credit card holder or you are considering applying for a second card, this article will provide you with…
3 December 2021
RCBC Bankard Flex Visa Rewards MoneySmart Review 2021
Credit Card
RCBC Bankard Flex Visa Rewards – MoneySmart Review 2021
Are you a millennial looking for the best credit card that has flexible features? Look no further. We got you covered. It can be daunting to browse all the pages of credit cards from several banks that offer great rewards and perks. Finally, there’s the RCBC Bankard Flex Visa Rewards card, allowing you to control…
2 December 2021